CompComm Broke after update fix

Recently, two updates were committed which may have broken CompComm. The first update was moving relevant header files to a different directory. This may have broken the build process for you. The recommended fix is to execute

make clean


make install

In the affected directories. If it still doesn’t work, try it again.

The other update involved the renaming of CCS to LibCompizConfig. This may have broken compiz for some users and compiz may exit with this error:

compiz (core) : ERROR : couldn’t load plugin ‘ccp’

The fix is to execute the following

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/compiz

sudo rm -rf /usr//local/lib/ccs

sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/compiz

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/include/ccs

Then in the ‘ccs-lib’  folder where you checked out packages to, execute

make clean && ./ –prefix=/usrlocal && make && sudo make install

That should fix most of your problems.


2 thoughts on “CompComm Broke after update fix

  1. is comp com different from bery and compiz? where can i get it? DOe sit have a nice gui plugin manager like beryl?

  2. Just a minor correction: in the last blockquote, “–prefix=/usrlocal” should probably be “–prefix=/usr/local”. Also, the auto-formatting makes the two dashes look like one (but I’m not sure this affects copying and pasting into a terminal).

    As always, thank you for keeping us updated. 🙂

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