From SmSpillaz : Please stop argueing.

Hi all. You may know that the Compiz ML is a very hot place at the moment. What really pisses me off is this. :


SmSpillaz: And if we don't know where we are going then we will just keep on argueing.
The whole point is that we can set some direction for this project
instead of endlessly bickering on about a name. We need deadlines and
we need to meet them. Otherwise, this will go nowhere.
And did anyone read the subject line? It said discuss CONSTRUCTIVLY.
Not 'We should aregue more about the name and the website etc etc.'

Now, any suggestions?

On 6/18/07, RYX <ryx at> wrote:
> Am Montag, den 18.06.2007, 02:06 +0100 schrieb Diogo Ferreira:
> > This list is flawed since it's beginning, hell people can't even
> > decide a name or a forum, and those are only mere details, I'm not the
> > pessimistic kind of person but I do believe that if people can't
> > decide on things that don't matter at all these kind of serious things
> > will never be decided.
> I agree totally. These details should be kept away until we made some
> decision in the currently ongoing discussion. Releasing any kind of
> details now will only confuse and distract the discussion more than it
> already is.
> >
> > On 6/18/07, SmSpillaz <smspillaz at> wrote:
> >         Hi.
> >
> >         I am really sick and tired of this whole 'Its your fault for
> >         forking
> >         WAH WAH WAH' thing. I am really sick and tired of this whole
> >         Python >
> >         Everything , thing. I am really sick and tired of
> >         LibCompizConfig >
> >         Everything.
> >
> >         I am generally SICK and TIRED of all this little-detail
> >         argueing.
> >
> >         Regardless.
> >
> >         We really need our general first-release criteria. We need a
> >         milestone
> >         otherwise more people will come onto the mailing list and rant
> >         about
> >         how we haven't made any progress.
> >
> >         So the release criteria as I see it is as follows.
> >
> >         Compiz Core (Duh)
> >         Plugins-Main and Plugins-Extra from OC.O
> >         A settings tool (Please discuss this whole LibCompizConfig vs
> >         LibCompizUtil in the appropriate thread)
> >         Decorators
> >            -Gnome Window Decorator
> >            -KDE-Window-Decorator
> >            -(Name) Decorator
> >         Name
> >         Website (Discuss in appropriate thread)
> >         Launcher (Compiz-Icon is a good one)
> >         Artwork
> >         Screenlets
> >         Some of Mike's plugins , namely
> >           -Brightness and Saturation
> >           -Widget
> >           -Python
> >           -Mousegestures (Just make it easy to configure / Give
> >         documentation)
> >           -Quickchange
> >
> >
> >         Any additions to the list please give. If you don't want YOUR
> >         project
> >         on the list, let me know.
> >
> >         Also we need to decide how we will version-number ourselves.
> >         My idea
> >         is to sync with core releases , so the next release would be
> >         0.7
> >         _______________________________________________
> >         CompComm mailing list
> >         CompComm at
> >
> >
> > _______________________________________________
> > CompComm mailing list
> > CompComm at
> >
> _______________________________________________
> CompComm mailing list
> CompComm at

Do people know how to read the TITLE of a thread! Look CAREFULLY! Its ALL IN CAPS! THERE TO BE SEEN! FIRST THING THERE! IN SIZE 72 FONT! CAN YOU SEE IT NOW??!?!? IT SAYS :


Construcively does not mean :

‘We should argue endlessly until one of us gives up instead of getting things done.’

I am really sick and tired of the fact that I am hyping everyone up for something that isn’t coming.


On a side note, the blog will be delayed *further* as the server that hosts the forums and gitweb is down.

Move right along and hope you took something away from this. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “From SmSpillaz : Please stop argueing.

  1. The project management side of things seems to be “let’s all randomly do stuff without talking to each other or planning and then shout at each other when trying to integrate things”. All projects need good management. Compcomm is not a project – it is a bunch of people who are bad at communicating that are hacking on related code.

    From what I can see, the problem is a lack of leadership and the ability to write simple english sentences without putting words in each other’s mouths. Everyone seems to have different understandings and misunderstandings about different parts of the code, randomly don’t listen to everyone else, and randomly say “the community wants” or “the community should do $X”. There seems to be no single participant (maybe Danny, but he doesn’t often participate) who understands all the code. But that’s of lesser importance, due to the lack of project management and communication.

  2. This post is impossible to read, not only the different blocks of quotes tear the whole text into different parts but halt the text vanishes at the right side as the column isn’t wide enough. 😦

    But I have read it on the ML, the current progress and the discussion climate really sucks. Discussion seems to be favored over progression.

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