Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 8, for July 01, 2007 : We’re hoving above Windows.

Background : Its time for another edition of Compiz Community News and we’ve got me… SmSpillaz here to show you what’s going on in the project. In a nutshell, we’ve got some new plugins showing off some stuff you have never seen before. Also, our new settings manager, CCSM has gotten some major updates.

News in Bugs :
– The filter box in CCSM no longer loses focus on each keystroke.
– The ‘Screen’ section in CCSM is not displayed if there is only one screen.
– Window titles update in Scale Addons and Ring when the window title changes.
– Lack of focus, minimize, and shade animations for applications like xine, xterm, xpdf, xdvi, xvncviewer, gitk, xfontsel, etc. is fixed.
– All animation effects except Beam Up and Burn use less CPU now.
– Some Dialog boxes that were not animated previously are now animated.
– The ‘Switcher’ Box no longer plays the ‘Minimize’ or ‘Create’ animation on creation. We promise.
– Glide effect now draws the back of the windows too (For rotation angles above 90 degrees).
– A Beam Up bug is fixed that caused wrong window opacity when using 2 different time-step values in animation settings.

News in Internationalization (i18n) :
We have just got translation infrastructure in place and have begun translating Compiz Fusion into many different languages. Currently supported languages are :
– English (obviously 😉 )
– German (Experimental)
– French
– Italian
More languages coming soon. 🙂

If you would like to help translate compiz-fusion in your language get in touch with cyberorg on IRC #compiz-fusion-dev.

News in Features :

Compiz Configuration Settings Manager :

Well, CCSM has got a major update. I will go through some of the smaller stuff first and then go through some of the bigger features
– New Icons
– Cube
– 3D
– Rotate
– Cube Gears
– Cube Reflex
– Scale Filter
– Tootips : All Plugin Log Descriptions are now listed in ToolTips instead of in the bar on the side. Also, all settings log descriptions are listed in tooltips.
– Categories : The ‘Category’ list is now fully shown instead of just a button.
– Exit : We now have an exit button on CCSM. Good if you don’t use window decorations / can’t run them.

Advanced Search :

Well, the filtering function in CCSM has gotten a major overhaul. With the filter box up the top, you can easily filter through plugins to find them. The page changes dynamically as you filter. But there is also another filtering function known as “Advanced Search.” on the sidebar. Clicking on this brings us to the Advanced Search Window.

From here, you can specify what you want searched, In the Plugin, Settings Description, Settings Long Description and in the settings value. So if you remember settings something to 0, but you cant remember what, just type ‘0’ and all settings entries that have been set to 0 will appear. A Breadcrumb navigation style allows you to select plugins, groups and subgroups easily.

Typing Stuff in the filter box dynamically makes the plugin list smaller as it only shows plugins that match those options. From there you can select the plugin and group and the option comes right before you.

Plugins :

The 3D plugin is here. Again. We have re-worked it to make it compatible with Compiz Core. It is basically the same as the 3D plugin in Beryl, but for those who have not seen it, here it is.

As can be seen for some Beryl Veterans (Specifically 0.1.4 and down), a new feature called ‘Window Depth’ has been added. This allows you to set how big the windows are in width, instead of just ‘floating pieces of paper.’

There are currently some bugs with is, specifically, if Transparent Cube is turned off, none of / parts of the desktop window is drawn, which looks ugly. The workaround is to set transparent cube opacity to 90 or below.

The plugin can be retrieved from here : git://

Also, If you are using the YAGS script, edit GITINFO.conf so that it looks like this :

GITPATH : fusion/plugins
GITIGNORE=”” (Take out 3D)

On your next YAGS git clone, you will automatically get the 3D plugin.

New Plugin : Screensaver

Pafy, a new developer, has developed a ‘Screensaver’ plugin. This is very hard to explain, so I will give you some screenshots.

The GIT URL is as follows :

EDIT : I can’t do screenshots of it for some strange reason. If anyone can submit them, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

It is based on the Fenetres Volatiles Screensaver for Mac OS X.

This week in Packaging : Trevino, the GIT Ubuntu packager, has included his packages and packaging tool in GIT for all to use. The URL’s are as follows :


Tip of the week : Did you know that you can set any window to be fullscreen with a keystroke? Just enable the ‘Extra-Window-Management’ plugin and set a keystroke to ‘Toggle Fullscreen.’ Mine is Shift-Super-F.

: Another week in Compiz Fusion gone by. We’re narrowing down on that list of functional regressions :). I will not be able to post the blog for another two weeks as I will be away. Until then, see you 😉

-Another CCN is in the Can

-SmSpillaz and the Compiz Fusion team.


18 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 8, for July 01, 2007 : We’re hoving above Windows.

  1. People using ubuntu, for screensaver plugin you need:

    libxss-dev (sudo apt-get install)

    I don’t know if it’s working as designed but no reflection is seen …

  2. 3D is back. I just can’t stop rotating my cube just to se the windows float away :p

    Also the screensaver is a nice one. But there are some prolems with the drawing order

  3. I have compiz installed using Treviño’s packages… I’m not sure how can I install the extra plugins (why aren’t they included in the package??)… I tried git clone git://… but then the make fails with:

    neoakiraz@fcksys:~/SVNs/3d$ make
    convert : -> build/3d.xml
    bcop’ing : build/3d.xml -> build/3d_options.h/bin/sh: –header=build/3d_options.h: not found
    make: *** [build/3d_options.h] Error 127

    Any idea?? Thanks!

  4. The only thing stopping me from ditching Beryl and installing Compiz-Fusion is the lmissing Widget plugin for screenlets support.

    Will the widgets plugin make it into the final release of Compiz Fusion?

  5. Here you have two screenchots of screensaver plugin both ways it works:
    Rotating Cube:

    Flying Windows:

    Sorry for the bw windows. Its because my poor hardware (AMD AthlonXP 2200 with NVidia GeForce 4 with MMX, a seven-year-old machine). Its fantastic I can run this on it!

    Lots of thanks to all the team. I must say that Compiz, this Compiz, has made some friends of mine change their propietary software into Linux.

    So lots of thanks again.

  6. Hello all,
    I’m from Brazil and I have just one question.

    First of all congratulations!
    The Compiz Fusion project is really cool and I’m very excited about it.

    I just want to know if the Beryl´s “Widget Layer” plugin will be available in Compiz Fusion too


  7. The actual Compiz Manager Panel is just horrible. Way too complex, too many features… unusable.

    I just want to change animations for each event. How I’m supposed to know REGEX and X window types to do that?

    Looking forward for a decent and simple Manager on the stable release.

  8. Would it kill the author to spell check? “hoving”? “Weeky”? And that’s before even reading any of the posts. It’s embarrassing.

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