I got inspired

Well, because of the new Shift plugin which seems to emulate almost oh-so-perfectly Flip3D in Windows Vista, I got inspired to actually *try* to make an almost perfect Vista Clone out of my desktop. Here is what I got.


Some of you might be wondering why my panel seems to be just hovering off the top. Well the truth is that it is down the bottom! ‘What?!?!’ you say? Yes, its actually down the bottom of the screen, however a stupid glitch with xrandr, Xgl and any screencast/screenshot package takes the top part of the screen, and moves it down the the bottom and moves the bottom cuttoff from 1280×800 to 1024×768 up to the top. It doesn’t display that way however. Stupid Xgl….

Also, if you want directions on how to do this, I made a videocast on how to which I will hopefully get onto fusioncast.blogspot.com. Soon. I … hope.

TODO List : Make Mac imitation with CoverFlow

-Get Avant Window Navigator to actually install instead of complaining that something is not there when it is

-Find an OSX like zoom animation for AWN.

6 thoughts on “I got inspired

  1. If your talking about the sandbox error awn gives sometimes during compilation, I got around this problem by typing FEATURES=”-sandbox” before make install. As for this post itself, cool! a lot of users from other systems complain about oss people copying their look and feel. Thing is though linux is the only place were you can take what is best, leave out the worst, from each operating system and some new innovative stuff and have ONE killer operating system instead of several that just have neat things in them.

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