MultiScreen Madness!

 Ever wondered what it’s like to run Compiz Fusion on Multiple Screens?


Oh, and the clone plugin grabs one screen and clones it to the other. So both screens show the same image


3 thoughts on “MultiScreen Madness!

  1. Where did you get this? who done it, more info please? how many screens are used here? how many graphics cards are used? How was it done? Even just a link would be handy :/

  2. Cool, Nice pictures!!

    Would it be possible to have your Xorg configuration? How do you launch Compiz then?

    I have an Intel graphic card, do you think that it’s possible for me too?


  3. Hmm. SUSE 10.2 has a tool called Sax2 which allows you to enable / disable Xinerama quite easily.

    The only caveat is that I have to set both screens to 1024×768 or else it doesnt work.

    I’m using an intel card on Xgl and to launch compiz I do this :

    INTEL_BATCH=1 compiz –replace ccp&

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