My Desktop is ‘Aqua’ it matches the curtains :)

Here is my attempt at an aqua desktop


(Is patitent for fisheye effect in awn)

(Wants macmenu)

Have you look alike-desktops? Post them in the comments!


19 thoughts on “My Desktop is ‘Aqua’ it matches the curtains :)

  1. Suggestions:

    1. TimeVault GUI

    2. CoverFlow for file navigation (just a plugin, of course)

    3. QuickLook for viewing/playing files without having to launch the file in an application.

    4. I dunno if this falls completely in your apartment, but I’m wondering if Compiz/Fusion can be used to access and display RSS feeds.

    5. Finally, an API with which other apps can create optional effects through CF, such as Shiira (Mac) or ApolloBook (AIR) being able to flip through tabs as if they’re flipping through a book.

    Just a few ideas.

  2. Hello,

    First, thank you for your jobs (and the jobs of all the compiz team !) ^_^

    And I want to answer one thing about your screenshots… what is the taskbar that you use on the bottom of your desktop? she is beautiful !


  3. hmm… how did you get the mac launcher at the bottom of the screen? is that part of compiz or is that a gdesklet or something?

  4. i see you are running AWN svn on a SUSE machine, can you tell me how you did it? i’m having troubles compiling it on my 10.2, i’ll very much appreciate your help =)

  5. What I’m waiting for is a desktop wall + scale effect simultaneously (like can be seen in the Leopard video).

  6. What plugin is doing the coverflip/Flip3d thing? I can’t find any shift plugin and its not any options in Ring, or swtcher as of the 5 Aug 07 Compiz 0.5.2 build.

    I would really love to know. I have a friend who just bought a Mac and I’d love to have him eating his words… again. 🙂

  7. I too have the Aqua interface with title bars, window backgrounds, buttons, menus and other interface elements are all found in white, and some, like scrollbars and menu items, are accented with a shade of blue. Most of the interface elements have a “glass” or “gel” effect applied to them…

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