Vista VS Mac. My thoughts

Hmm, Just a thought.

I was using Vista to copy some files to  my portable HDD so I could get them on my Mac. It took about 10 min to copy the files which were of a hefty size (About 500 mb). They were video files too. Now, to copy them to my mac, it took 1 min to copy them and about 6 to convert them into something iMovie could understand. Hmm, this tells me something

(OK, I admit it. The Mac is newer hardware. (Core 2 Duo) Vista is (2.0GHz Pentium 4) Still, something on the vista computer was chewing up CPU cycles. Something called svchost.exe and dwm.exe )


18 thoughts on “Vista VS Mac. My thoughts

  1. Not to defend Vista, but writing to an external HDD is always slower than reading from it… Yet, a 10:1 ratio clearly shows which system is optimized, and which one isn’t!

  2. There’s a known issue with Vista and file copying, for some reason it’s ridiculously slow, afaik even Microsoft have acknowledged this as a bug. Hopefully it’ll get fixed at some point.

    svchost.exe is the main process for running windows services, the newer Vista Task Manager will actually tell you which services that instance of svchost is running, which is nice, so you can figure out what is eating stuff up.

    dwm.exe is “Destop Window Manager” – the Vista Aero WM. Essentially, their version of Compiz. 😉 Usually I find it doesn’t eat a lot of CPU cycles, just quite a bit of memory, so if it’s chewing up your CPU, something might be wrong.

  3. Oh yeah. That happened on a computer at school. We weren’t sure what it was, but actually killing the process didn’t seem to do anything bad (but make sure you save everything before you try that).

    But stop reminding me how annoying windows is. ARGH… I’m glad I don’t use it at all.

  4. Well it’s a known bug of Vista, which is likely fixed in SP1. But it’s amazing such bug finds it’s way to a release.. 😐

    However, I’ve seen similar problems with XP vs Linux. Copying files from ntfs -> fat32 took 3 times more time then from fat32 -> ext3 later. Linux read 30MB before copying the data and was responsive during the progress. Windows copied all blocks by blocks and explorer.exe / iexplore.exe froze up completely.

  5. Many harddisks and many USB devices are far faster at reading than at writing. This may have contributet significantly to the speed differences you mentioned.

  6. This is all getting a bit random, I thought this was supposed to be a blog for OpenCompositing?

    I know this is your blog – and technically you can do what ever you like with it, but I come here for information regarding compiz and compiz-fusion, not to hear your random thoughts about performance issues/differences between two completely unrelated Operating systems.

    Get back on subject.

  7. All i have to say is,

    When i heard about vista i thought wow must get my hands on it only because of the new interface and the new security features. I got bored of windows xp and wanted something new. So many months later i heard about beryl on linux, oh my this new interace literally shits on vista aero. Things get worse, beryl and compiz combined to create compiz fusion for linux. This literally double shits on vista. If you havent already have a look at compiz fusion. I have to use vista cos all my applications that i build and run are on my vista, i wish the apps were on linux instead. Linux isnt for every day user like vista is and thats where linux faults. Surprising i dont know if linux is going to marketed for the every day user, then maybe then things might start to change.

  8. problem, ben…

    programmers, developers, gurus, none of them can code anything for windows without microsoft’s express permission (basically) becuase its all “proprietary”, closed source.

    Linux, on the other hand, is all open for whatever code anyone in the world wants to make for it and thats why it beats Vista (in many ways at least) hands down!


  9. @ Comment #14, I think you just said the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That was a bad excuse and a false assumptions at that. Not only did you make up bull-shit as you went along, but you obviously don’t know what the hell you are talking about. The bliss of being ignorant. I suggest you get up and do some better research next time you make such a dumb comment. And before you go off and say anything, I work with Linux daily ;), and I am a programmer.

  10. comment 15 is very ironic because it says nothing about comment 14 — i read it six times… and i don’t get it . nice one

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