HOWTO : Linux looking like Vista

EDIT : I cant seem to get the embed working. Here is the link

Shownotes coming soon!


16 thoughts on “HOWTO : Linux looking like Vista

  1. The sound gets completely out of sync with the video at some point, making it hard to follow the explanations (I am playing the video from Ubuntu 7.04).

    Apart from this technical glitch, great video!

  2. What? why do we care? This blog is going down hill ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Too much Vista Talk! If we wanted Vista we would buy Vista, admittedly the Aereo theme does look quite nice, but it seems a bit lame that all you and that annoying Gavin guy care about is making your Desktop mimic an inferior OS. What is the Point? and even more annoying… why do you feel like you have to tell everyone about it?

    We’ve all seen vista, Compiz-Fusion allows for far greater coolness than vista, Why not show us what Compiz-fusion can do? why not show us something that makes us go wow! this is better than any other OS out there, this is another reason why linux rocks! – This is what this blog was supposed to be about wasn’t it?

  3. besides outsynced sound and a few other glitches it was a good how to and video

    i personally prefer non vista/mac styles but some of the stuff in the video like the blur and animations tips i really like…

  4. Very nice, good work! The video demostrates the uses for various plugins well.

    @Patch: Because you can and because Vista isn’t all that crappy looking.

  5. Patch is right – it’s a very stupid thing to use Compiz to change linux into vista.

    I heard, that Microsoft want to include some futures from Compiz at their own system… something about year 2030. hehehehe.

  6. “Whyโ€™d you wanna have your system look like Vista?
    Itโ€™s like trying to make your Ferrari look like a Lada.”
    Couldn’t have said it better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. smspillaz,

    sorry for my harsh words. No disrespect intended.
    It just bugs me that it isn’t the other way around: Vista folks trying to emulate “our” far superiour desktop.

  8. hey smspillaz
    to get the embedded videos to show
    you got to deactivate the WP HTML parser

    uncheck WP will automatically fix the html code, or someting like that
    after that, it should work just out of the box. lol

  9. “smspillaz,
    sorry for my harsh words. No disrespect intended.
    It just bugs me that it isnโ€™t the other way around: Vista folks trying to emulate โ€œourโ€ far superiour desktop.”

    Quite so:Should been the other way around indeed as this OS really kick ass – less all the big fuss is- 4 some folks – to just..end up in a Ms-like user interface style cause they feel more aquainted with it -but without any DRM or other system wide problems , winOS users face in their daily routine..and just feel too shame to admit !

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