Compiz Fusion Community News edition… Something! For July 30, 2007 : Widgets and Cubecaps.

Background : Its another edition of Compiz Fusion Community News, where I, SmSpillaz tell you how this absolutely amazing project is going. Lets get started!

News in Bugs :

– Fixed weirdness in grouped maximization

– Grouped resize now ‘stretches’ the other windows while you resize them, instead of waiting for you to ungrab the first window then resizes them instantly.

– Scalefilter now builds for folks who’s X-Servers don’t include keysymdef in it’s headers

– Gears now builds in plugins-extra

– Gnome-Screensaver now animates properly

– The workarounds in animation and now handled by the Workarounds plugin. Please update accordingly

– No animations should be played during shift

– Explode thickness now must be at least one, to prevent weirdness with lower values

– CCSM is now built by a python script.

– A fake Makefile was added that calls the python script for you 🙂

– Fix dialogs not appearing in CCSM

– Fixed crash when unshading when also focusing

– Snow is loaded after image loaders now

News in Features :

New Plugin : CubeCaps

Well, iXce has created a new plugin called ‘Cube Caps’ plugin. What it essentially does is further extend the cube cap drawing already implemented in the Desktop Cube plugin.

What you can now do, is have a cap drawing on the top and the bottom. It also gives you individual drawing settings for each cap, whether to scale the image, whether to adjust it to the rotation, and what color the cap is. You can also have a slideshow running on each of your cube caps if you add multiple images, and scroll through the images with the space bar.

Widget :

Last week, I talked about the widget plugin. I remember saying something about how it seems to break the build process. Well, I have created a new repository, and converted the widget plugin to the Compiz-Fusion Build Process. I have also edited the metadata so it fits in a bit bettter with the Compiz Fusion settings manager.

The plugin can be obtained from here :

git clone git://

And a screenshot :


Other new features :

– You can now use the scrollwheel to scroll between windows in the Shift Plugin.

– You can now set the color of the outline, highlight and thumbnail highlight in the Wall Switcher.

One more thing :

carlopalma has released a patch to add a ‘Paper Airplane’ effect to the animation plugin. Info is on the forum post here. A video :

Tip of the Week :

Did you know that you can configure the glow that the Group-Tab plugin provides? To do this, Go to the Group and Tab windows plugin and go to the ‘Glow’ tab. Now you can disable glow if you dont like it, or change the glow so that it surrounds the window, or it is in the shape of a ring. You can also change how big the glow is.

Conclusion :

Hope youre enjoying Compiz-Fusion. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email me at SmSpillaz(at)gmail(dot)com. See you all later!

-SmSpillaz and the Compiz Fusion Team


10 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion Community News edition… Something! For July 30, 2007 : Widgets and Cubecaps.

  1. I’ve dl’d and installed the widget and screenlets and can’t get it to work, it seems that it needs gnome-python2-desktop which Suse doesn’t provide. Is there a way to get them to work under Suse? Or did I miss something? I tried searching the Compiz forum but the result was a link to the the 1st of 69 pages of the relevant thread.


  2. please let me know how did you get the AWN svn working on your suse? is there an rpm hidden somewhere? =)

  3. beryl doesnt have any thing cfusion has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if only i could get my xorg.conf configured right…………………….

  4. The Widget plugin does not work for me! I mean it works just for once or twice and then I can not see the widgets or I see the some of my widgets

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