Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 11, for August 07, 2007 : New logo and new animations

Backround : We have a new logo! Here it is :
The logo is by Graphfreak and may be modified for future release as the artist works with the web team to tweak the design. This also means that official artwork, such as splash screens will be coming out soon!

Anyways, back to news!

This week in bugs:
– Snow image added to snow. Yay
– SVG plugin is now enabled by default
– “Not found” message now shows when you search for something in CCSM and it doesn’t exist.
– Profile adding now works again.
– Fixed the tab-bar being drawn one slot too thin occasionally.
– Default reflection image now added

News in features:

New animations:
Remember last week how I told you about a patch to get an airplane animation in the animation plugin developed by carlopalma? Well it has now been merged in along with three new animations wrtten by forum user neo! Brilliant. Well here they are:
Airplane : Folds your windows up into a paper plane and files the off into the distance, or to the taskbar.

Fold : Folds your windows up into … nothing! Very simple!

Skewer : Ah yes, my favorite. This animation divides your windows into parts and allows you to have the parts fly in and out and tesselate together any way you want! This plugin is so customisable that I just _had_ to include lots of screenshots!


And finally a video I found on YouTube.

Other new stuff :
– The wall’s switcher windows’ colors can now be further configurated, from the arrow, the outline and to the desktop highlight.
– XCB dependency added to compiz. Unfortunately that means that compiz-git will no longer build, because it requires something that most distributions don’t actually have (Confirmed distros : Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian). You will have to use version 0.5.2, or the 0.6 git branch of compiz.
– Profiles are now stored in ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig instead of ~./compizconfig. If you were wondering where your profiles went, move them from the old folder to the new one.

News in Logos:
The winning logo, ‘Graphfreak’ received 287 votes in total, counting for about 48% of all votes cast. This also implies that we will now have artwork for various things such as icons, forum themes, cubecaps, splashes and website themes.

Tip of the week:
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*. Man, don’t you just hate that loud *Beep* sound when an application triggers the system bell, like if you backspace too much in a terminal? Fear not! As I have a more *subtle* solution for you.

First of all, you want to disable the annoying beep. To do that, go into CCSM, and filter out for ‘Core options’ and uncheck ‘Audible Bell.’ Now that *beep* is gone!

Now, for a subtler visual bell, go to the ‘fade’ plugin and check ‘Visual Bell.’ Now when you do something that causes a ‘bell’ event, the window will darken and brighten again. Neat.
Something else: Fluxid from the forums has developed a lot of colorfilters for the colorfilter plugin. To get them, git-pull them from my repo at git://

Release soon:
Just some more news. With the artwork contest finished, I assure you that we can expect a release very soon. This will be a milestone for the Compiz Fusion team, as it our first official release. The release will be based on compiz-core-0.5.2

Thats all for now guys. Sorry about writing the blog a bit late, I’ve been rather busy with assignments and exams, let alone some of the stuff I’ve been doing round here recently. From now on, I’d expect the blog on a wednesday, because If I wrote it one monday, there would not be enough to write about! Anyways, if you have any questions, then leave a note in the comments. Also, if your comments haven’t appeared yet, then don’t panic! Stupid WordPress seems to want me to moderate them. And I don’t do that very often. Mention goes to anyone who can tell me how to automatically pass all comments not caught as akismet spam.

– The Compiz Fusion Team


96 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 11, for August 07, 2007 : New logo and new animations

  1. yay, finally a logo

    (though as pointed out in the forums, grapheak didn’t get complete majority and it was promised in the first post for a rematch between two highest rating if non-majority)

    …. 😀

    (also, paperplane wasn’t created by neo, it was created by carlopalma)

  2. Cool new features!

    It’s a shame though that the animations configurator is WAY to complicated for anybody to use it anymore.

  3. It would be nice to add informations about other blingy projects such as awn, kiba-dock, elisa, various experiments and so on (or to create a Bling Planet)
    If you don’t have time to do it, I’m sure somebody would volunteer

  4. BTW – I hate the fade visual bell (especially as its set by default to full screen!), I much rather have the “shiver” visual bell:
    – disable audio bell as per the instruction
    – find wobbly windows plugin, open it and go to binding
    – uncollapse the bindings tree and on the line that says “shiver”, check “system bell” (the last checkbox).

    I’d also like to complain at this stage as to why the setting for the shiver visual bell and the fade visual bell are so different – the shiver visual bell is in fact almost hidden!

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  6. interresting infos 😀

    with the skewer animation i set the grid resolution to 1×1 and the “rotation angle” (or however it is called) to 200… i like the nice effect

  7. that is a suggestion made for once we got compiz/compiz-fusion specific site, forum and wiki…

    don’t know what happened to that idea….

  8. hey smspillaz, I just want to thank you once for that blog – it is really a great pleasure to read through it and it keeps me on the top of the news concerning Compiz-Fusion. I read the forum also regulary, but i’m not anymore one the top (IRC etc) so your blog is just perfect.
    Thanks buddy

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  10. The logo choice looks fine but I fear it will date quickly – already quite reminiscent of Macromedia branding from some years ago.

    The luminous light-filled cube that was entered was a classier and more time-robust design I think.

  11. The logo choice looks fine but I fear it will date quickly – already quite reminiscent of Macromedia branding from some years ago.

    The luminous light-filled cube that was entered was a classier and more time-robust design I think..

  12. Maybe Linux developers should focus on getting some proper GUI standards and work on usability before they consintrate on their “my OS is better than yours because I can turn my desktop into a cube” attention-whore wankery.

    GNU/Linux has a lot of potential.

    And it’s squandered so fanboys have something pointless to drool over.
    Linux needs STANDARDS both in usability and interoperability.

  13. The animation which you’ve found on youtube is mine. It’s the first preview of skewer effect. Other films you can find here – . (one more skewer, first quite buggy fold and “wobbly opening”)

    Xoran7 is just my second nick, because neo wasn’t available. 😉

  14. WT Snacks:
    It is quite hard to force people to do something they don’t fancy doing. Your proposal is sound, but when someone likes things like developing “square desktops” and also does it for community I don’t see a reason to complain. Better to work on anything (and desktop feel is important to average guy) than nothing…

    BTW I like the logo!

  15. WT Snacks:
    … and speaking of usability, it is hard to understand your point as compiz adds lots of usability enhancements. You can disable all those eye-candy and effects things and leave extremely powerful usability features. Hmm… Have you actually tried compiz?

  16. To go with what Oded said, and the fact that configuration on Beryl was insane, and I assume with all the new features CF is likely to be if not as insane, more so, why not have “visual bell” just be its own section instead of hunting it down within the other plugins?

  17. WT Snacks, there ARE standards. Both GNOME and KDE have usability experts on-staff (I personally know a KDE usability expert). GNOME has its “Human Interface Guidelines,” and I know KDE has something similar. All *official* programs for the two Desktop Environments must follow their set usability guidelines. Less-intuitive user interfaces are usually found in random programs that are not “governed” by anybody. The user interfaces in GNOME, XFCE, and KDE are very nice, though I prefer GNOME. If there is something which you think poses a problem in GNOME or KDE, why don’t you email one of their developers and voice your concerns? As it is though, I’ve seen much more cringe-worthy UIs on websites (images of text can not be read by screen-readers, for example, and Flash falls into that category) than in any Linux software.

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    Marko Fando

  19. Maybe all the Linux developers may want to focus on getting at least some proper GUI standards and work on usability before they ever consintrate on their “my OS

  20. It would be nice to add informations about other blingy projects such as awn, kiba-dock, I much rather have the “shiver” visual bell:
    – disable audio bell as per the instruction

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