Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 13 for August 28, 2007 : Wikup!

Summary: Hello and thanks for reading! We’ve made some exiting progress this week in bugs, features and the website. Just to get this out of the way, it is now safe to upgrade Compiz Fusion as we have fixed most plugins against the new action system and we have also fixed (and done some major changes) to the action handling in LibCompizConfig and CompizConfig Settings Manager. Hope you enjoy this entry!

News in bugs:

  • Fixed most plugins against the new action system. One popular one that hasn’t been fixed yet is the Screensaver plugin by Nicholas Viennot. I have provided a patch on the forum to fix this.
  • Fix group-tab crashes when you drag from one group to another
  • ‘Widget’ option removed from Window Rules as it’s now provided by widget
  • You can use return, backspace and escape to cancel a keybinding being set in CCSM
  • ‘All’ category added to CCSM
  • LibCompizConfig and CCSM adapted to use new action system, you should now be able to configure your actions again.

News in Feautres:

Well, a lot more happened in features this week. Notable points being the CCSM action re-haul, which is now a lot more user friendly.

CCSM Re-Haul

Well, the CompizConfig Settings Manager action configuration has now been re-hauled. Now, instead of one actions page which has the settings for all key, button, bell and edge bindings, we now have actions placed appropriately in groups, where existing options may already be, where is makes sense. Some screenshots are below.


Also, a new interface has been added for selecting screencorners which is much more user friendly


We also have a new interface for configuring mouse buttons, and edgebuttons. As can be see below, you can add modifiers and specify a button number and an edge in a GUI fashion


There is also a new interface for grabbing keys, where a window pops up and as you enter enough keys it will close


Finally, you can also specify your own plugin loading order, but we recommend that you use the ones set for you as they work better. This is intended for developers.


Other features worth noting:

  • You can now specify windows to disable ARGB visuals (Opacity, Brightness, Saturation etc) if it is misbehaving or requires it
  • You can now specify a directory for the Crash Handler plugin to dump the debug output, instead of the frequently cleared (on some systems) /tmp directory
  • The Shift plugin now has a much smoother animation, instead of fading the windows away to reveal the switcher, the windows now move into place.
  • New color filters were added:
    • Black and White
    • Simple Color Swapping
    • Filters to simulate for two types of colorblindness
    • Sepia tone
  • CCSM now has a ‘Reset to defaults’ button, instead of having to manually move or delete your profiles.

Tip of the Week

Don’t you just love those RTS games where if you move your mouse cursor outside of the screen, the view will pan towards your mouse cursor? Well, you can do that with the enhanced zoom plugin with these steps:

  1. Navigate to Enhanced Zoom -> Mouse Behavior
  2. Check ‘Scale Mouse Cursor’ and preferably ‘Hide original mouse cursor’
  3. Uncheck ‘Sync Mouse’
  4. Check ‘Mouse Panning’
  5. Zoom in!

Wiki is up

In web news, the Compiz Fusion Wiki has now gone live and can be found at Of course this means that there is a call for documentation and such, however please refrain from posting setup guides for your exact configruation, as we have decided to leave that to distribution’s wiki’s as setup can be quite different from distro to distro, and we don’t want the wiki to be cluttered with about 6 or 7 setup guides for each configuration or distribution. If you want to write an article, please make sure you know a fair bit about what you are writing about, then have a look at some of the already-written articles as a guideline to writing yours. Happy documenting!


Once again, I would like to thank the community for thier support by reading this blog and promting Compiz Fusion. You’ll be glad to know that I have had fun writing this blog so far, and the developers have had fun writing Compiz Fusion. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section of the blog and I will try to reply to them.

See you all later!

– Sam

38 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 13 for August 28, 2007 : Wikup!

  1. Since the updates, my cube rotating has been a lot smoother. Everything is working great. Only one thing is missing, it removed my ability to rotate the cube with the mouse wheel. How do I get that back?

  2. Did you correct the bug under KDE, that makes compiz crashing when using the mouse rolling button on top of a window ?

  3. nice work, you can put your tips of the week as articles in the new wiki? that’s place it’s a very good place to search plug-ing’s configuration details.

    Thanks, keep walking compiz…

  4. I liked the old actions tab because it allowed you to set key, button, screen edge, edge button, and system bell for all actions. Moving the bindings into different places seems reasonable, but please still allow all of the possible actions the old method allowed.

    For example dont make it ever so that some plugin only allows “screen edge” but not “edge button” or “system bell”.

    If this is too complicated to add into the interface, at least let it be able to be set in config files. Ideally you would have one main page in “general options” where you can look at and set all the actions from all the plugins with all the keybindings, and have the plugins still control the individual keybindings in their own sections too.

    It’s annoying if you have a (complicated but powerful) system that gets broken by attempts at making the interface simpler. You can make it simpler but still allow all the options.

  5. I just checked.
    You didn’t fix the bug I mentionned.
    Kwin-decorator crashes when using the mouse wheel on the title of a window.

    Another remark :
    why does compiz use so much CPU ? Beryl used to, but since version 0.1.2, it doesn’t use more than 30 % of CPU when rotating, woobling windows, etc…

    With Compiz-fusion : it sometimes reaches 80 %

    I’m using compiz-fusion with an ASUS laptop (AMDTurion64, and an NVIDIA 7300 Go on kubuntu feisty)

    I’m quite disapointed

  6. Found an odd quirk. Using ctrl+shift+down arrow to unfold the cube and then holding mouse1 while still holding ctrl+shift makes the desktop disappear

  7. Great stuff, keep up the good work.

    Regarding KDE related matters, the only problem I had is that Compiz makes KDE think there are loads of virtual desktops – which then don’t work properly. Is anybody looking into this or is this a KDE/Kwin problem?

  8. OK, so where is the screen-edges configuration to be found? I liked the beryl-manager configure tool a lot better than the compiz one.

  9. Very nice…

    I haven’t tried the new one yet, but looks interesting – I might suggest adding a “Hide inactive plugins” toggle to the CCSM to make it easier to navigate.

    I have been running Fusion on Gutsy Ubuntu (GNOME) with XGL/fglrx (ATI X1400) and works great except that Water plugin never worked correctly (causes screen to flash or works *really* slowly)

    ..and lately Fusion has been crashing my X session out to GDM for no apparent reason. Output doesn’t show anything, nothing in logs… I can get it to do it semi-consistently by running glxgears with Fusion activated.

    Or course my Gutsy/NVIDIA (desktop) setup works flawlessly, so I’ll choose to blame those glitches on fglrx/xgl/compiz interaction 🙂

    Can’t wait till the gutsy repos are updated with this! Nice work!

  10. Hello (first, excuse my poor english…)
    i update compiz fusion (29/08/2007) and now when the cube appea it become smaller and smaller ans smaller… and when i release it , its take very long time to stop…
    what must i do ?

  11. #19 – It’s probably the 3D plugin. The animation speed is slow, so disable the plugin or change the setting,

  12. Just to let you know:
    I upgraded form 0.5.1 to 0.5.5 and had compiz eat 100% of one of my cpu. I moved .compizconfig away: same thing.
    Started it up from the command line and got the message that it could not load slides default-cubecap.png and ubuntu.png. I looked at the “default” options (from the setting manager) and realized that the jpg and png handlers were not enabled (I had deleted the config files, so would that be a default? I am surprised). Anyway, i enabled them in CCSM and re-started compiz, this time no problems.

  13. oops, just realized that the configs are now in .gconf, hence my moving away .compizconfig had no effect. sorry about that.
    Anyway, it remains that if the jpg and png plugins are not enable, one has a problem when starting compiz.

  14. hello, well im new in linux…

    But i want to get ubuntu compiz-fusion…where can i download it?…

    Could you give me a page or something where can download it?…

    thank you…

    PD Good job

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