So I decided

… to take a break from blogging and writing wiki articles for a while and try doing some development instead. I’ve been toying around with Python recently (First programming experience… w00t!) and tried out some of the PyGTK tutorials and after looking around for something to be done, I decided it was about time we got a settings tool for the other decorators that come with Compiz! Currently, I’ve only got settings for gtk-window-decorator, emerald, shadows and global stuff – I have yet to find out how to manipulate kde-window-decorator settings. Also, currently, only the GUI is done. The actual modification of the GConf variables will be very tricky indeed! If anyone can give me a demonstration on how to do that I will be very grateful. Anyways, here are a few screenshots. Note that it isn’t complete and I intend to change some stuff.


Note that this is my first actual PyGTK program and it would probably look bad for those who are experienced at PyGTK. Ironically, CCSM is also based on PyGTK, so I had a look at it and got a lot of helpful advice 😉

Don’t worry if you miss the blog! It will be up next week. News has been a little slow lately 😉

– Sam


10 thoughts on “So I decided

  1. This sample could be useful for settings modification using compizconfig :
    There are dozen of python + gconf howtos around the net btw.

    And erm, I’d say you’d really need to use Glade and not do it with plain PyGTK (actually ccsm could use a static glade basis too, but that’s not worth it since 99% of it are autogenerated)

  2. Actually iXce, you Idea would be fairly good for writing a simple settings manager – which is my next goal here. Thanks for the idea ! 🙂

  3. Doing things in glade is ___way___ faster for static stuff than coding it by hand and will let you visualize immediately what you changed in the interface (the end result is mostly accurate) so.. =)

  4. XD. Yeah, I spent about 3-4 hours figuring this out. It’s probably not worth switching to glade now because all the GUI is already there (And I managed to code it fairly fast – 1 hour 😉 (Actually, I’d probably get it done in 20 mins with glade), but I don’t mind. Thanks for the helpful advice though ;-))

    The gconf stuff is now there btw, sliding bars makes stuff happen 😉

  5. Hey, I would like to learn PyGTK! I am a Windows programmer who moved to Linux and now I am a lost programmer in another twisted world. Could you please let me know how to program in PyGTK and where is the best place to get started? Is there a visual GUI (IDE) to program in, or is it all command line? Can I drag and drop objects or controls on the form, or do I have to imagine what it’s going to look like ahead of time and hope for the best? Am I even using correct terminology for the Linux programming components such as form, objects, or controls? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  6. Sure! PyGTK by itself is a little tedious, but you can learn python at and pygtk at

    I recommend that you start out with glade, then google for a glade tutorial. It is fairly simple. All you have to do is specify the path of the glade file then grab your GUI made widgets from it. easy peasy!

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