Graphical Git Script

Well, as some of you may know, I have started work on a GUI Git script written in my oh-so-holy language python (ducks from flying tomatoes). Anyways, it was designed for three reasons

  • I had to kill some time
  • Some people (Like I used to be) do not like typing out big long things in terminals or doing things again and again repetitively
  • I’ve noticed that Compiz Fusion has attracted a whole bunch of Windows XP and Vista users to the Linux destkop, which is great, but they are used to “Next” installers and are probably not tolerant or familiar with Synaptic, Yum, YAST, and other command line tools to install Compiz.

Now you are probably asking why I decided to make this a ‘git-getter’ script instead of a script that gets packages or release tarballs is because

  • Release tarballs are old, git is fairly stable most of the time (Maybe I will add a thing to read from status to see if it is worth updating) and if people are going to be using to the tool to update compiz, they are probably going to expect an update at LEAST once a week / two week.
  • I can’t be bothered to integrate with every package manager out there Oo.

A lot of people also begged me to have the default install path to be ~. But I decided to just use the compiz defaults and let the user specify the path if necessary.

Also a quote from Vicky Pollard (Little Britain BBC3) :

“Shut up *squint* I ain’t done …. not … ing and *squint* if you sai I do, you all get *squint* beatons”

Heh. Jokes aside, here are some screenshots.


PS. Yes, I am working on a simple configurator, but it hit a roadblock when I left sailing for a week

PS 2, Maybe I will talk about the sailing later – it was fun 🙂

PS 3, Blog will be up tommorow or the day after, lots of stuff happened while I was away

PS 4, I’ve never had so many PS’s in a blog before 🙂

– Sam

24 thoughts on “Graphical Git Script

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  2. This is great man… considering all the breakage that can happen from running a unofficial repository, this means we can have official cutting edge and have proper support for it 🙂

    keep up the good work, and i hope this nifty tool will get better!

  3. fantastic that you gave compiz fusion the last GUI it needed, now there are GUI’s for installing, starting, configuring and just running (for as far as they need a GUI). And this thing just looks more easy then a package manager. Even though I love synaptic, I think I’m going to end up using this instead because it’s more user-friendly (when people come over it’s just perfect for showing off).
    So thanks man, keep up the good work 😀

  4. Does this script also have to recompile the xlib-xcb package (or whatever it’s called)? I tried the CF Installer-Updater script before, and when that one had to recompile xlib-xcb, java would stop working. :C

  5. Maybe it could check for git, etc, so it doesn’t “appear to quit” when git is not installed 😉

    email me, i’ll give you the code that I’ve been working on myself for that type of thing.

  6. Heh, thanks for the positive feedback guys. Just note that it isn’t official and I haven’t got it up for download due to some complications when you execute other programs and wait for them to finish (GNOME thinks the app is locked up then pops up a window asking you to close it. Compiz also makes the window go grey. heh).


  7. OK, this is way off topic, but I wasn’t sure where to put it, so here it goes…

    I like Screenlets, don’t get me wrong, but the developer of Jackfield has been asking for help. Any chance you compiz-fusion guys/girls could offer some assistance or offer a possible merger? Jackfield looks very promising. It offers/will offer support for Apple’s Dashboard Widgets, Yahoo!’s Widgets, Microsoft’s Gadget Sidebar Widgets, and Opera Widgets, and you can write your own. This is much better than what Screenlets has to offer IMO. My questions are…

    1. Any chance you compiz-fusion/compiz guys/girls/developers could offer some assistance to the Jackfield project?
    2. Is there any chance of getting something like Jackfield added as a widget layer/plugin in compiz-fusion?


  8. All screenlets stuff should be posted in the screenlets section of the compiz forum. I’m sure RYX (designer of the screenlets) would be glad to help out.

    As for the client – fckn awesome! Well done, it’ll be so much easier for us ordinary humans.

  9. Did a git clone git://

    and looked at the interface. Looks clean and nice. Are you aware that clicking “Forward” brings you only to the last tab (marked label7), if you manually go to a different tab than the first one?

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