YASCC (The person who decodes this gets a smiley face from me in the comments ^_^)

Dear all application developers,

Please add python bindings to all your applications.



About the same time that marex started his awesome work on simple-ccsm, I tried my hand at making a simple-compiz configurator similar to gnome-xgl-settings (I would get a screenshot for you, but I can’t find one) that was shipped with openSUSE 10.1.

It allows the user to make changes to some of the key features of Compiz Fusion – all 50 of them 😉 (It’s really hard to decide – Compiz Fusion is so good ^_^). It was written using glade, pygtk and compizconfig-python.

Please note that in no way is this meant to compete with simple-ccsm, or is it simple-ccsm’s replacement. It is just yet another configuration tool that I have put out there (In true linux style, just like there are 50 or so window managers, 3 major desktop environments, 3 office suites, 300 distributions etc). The code is actually quite bloated and when I get the time (read: when my teachers decide to take it easy on the homework, exams and assignments) I will probably simplify it which will most likely result in a 0.0001 ms speed improvement… (sigh).

The thing that sets this and simple-ccsm apart is that simple-ccsm does some neat settings-rating and profile level switching whereas this tool will detect whether your hardware and setup are capable of running CF and give a little more configuration options.

Oh, did I forget screenshots? Here they are:


You can checkout the manager with :

git clone git://git.compiz-fusion.org/users/smspillaz/cfcapplet

Please tell me of any bugs!

– Sam

PS . I’m late with the blog again 😦


13 thoughts on “YASCC (The person who decodes this gets a smiley face from me in the comments ^_^)

  1. good work Sam, that looks like a nice simple settings manager 😀
    (I would test it right now, but it’s like past 1:00 in the morning….)

    personally, I can’t wait till I get some free time (end of the year) and continue my struggle to make the flashbsm a reality

    (so tired right now, goodnight)

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