Cheap hacks ftw!

While re-writing Compiz-Fusion-Preferences Capplet, I had to do this:

 # CHEAP HACK! Sue me...
		# We have to correct shift detection as it keeps on crapping up
		# read : Calling the 'changed' function for no apparant reason
		self.ShiftFunctionIsReady = True


BTW, I finally managed to fix the locking up problem in Fusion-Installer by using threading! It was actually quite simple. All you have to do is

import threading, Thread
gtk.gdk.threads init()
#Start a new thread
#Code that you don't want the main loop to hang up for while you wait
os.system('mv /* /dev/null') #<< JOKE, don't even think about trying that. The results are not nice :-/
#End of the new thread


(Now all I need to do is get my Git repo working again)


2 thoughts on “Cheap hacks ftw!

  1. Where did all the excitement go??? Before, A new plugin every week (or 2), now it’s all about stability. Things like the atlantis plugin can still get better, why isn’t that also being worked on?

  2. Lets get things stable first. I have to run an older version because the newest ones won’t run properly on my ATI 9200. New plugins will come later I’m sure.

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