And so I could: You can have your cake and eat it two!

Dear interblag and blagotubes.

As you may already know, I’m working on an interface for the Wii Remote and Compiz via LibCWiiD.

Anyways, I was working towards integrating support for multiple Wiimotes, but was a little discouraged once I found this

For your todo/roadmap, I would move support for multiple wiimotes and attachments a bit higher up the list

Anyways, regardless of that, I seem to have got it working the way I wanted it to, because I now have two callbacks showing information for  each separate wiimote. Output below!

First Wii Remote Callback:
totals are 816.000000, 830.000000, ircount is 0
first ir y is 600, second is 291
Second Wii Remote Callback:
totals are 962.000000, 581.000000, ircount is 0
first ir y is 604, second is 297
First Wii Remote Callback:
totals are 797.000000, 841.000000, ircount is 0
first ir y is 604, second is 297
Second Wii Remote Callback:
totals are 977.000000, 588.000000, ircount is 0
first ir y is 611, second is 300

So what does this mean to folks who have Wiimotes but don’t really care about the code side of things? Well, it means that You’ll be able to do Head-Tracking (Via WiiTrack) AND have mouse control and gesture support. How neat is that?

– SmSpillaz

18 thoughts on “And so I could: You can have your cake and eat it two!

  1. Great work! This is indeed something very exciting to look into. It would be interesting to apply the same idea using head tracking technology available with cameras as many are being built into screens these days, especially on laptops. Also, I’d recommend hooking up the as they are endlessly fascinated with multitouch and other forms of interactions with computers, and they’re an opensource group.

    There is one camera I remember reading about that was simply amazing in it’s head tracking capacities. If I find the link I’ll let you know.

  2. It sounds interesting. I’m not really sure what kind of gestures would feel natural though.

    But then, I suppose this “2-dimensional pointer-based input device” was a bit weird when it first came out, too. I mean, how would you use it? Move it left/right to move the text input cursor?!? We have perfectly functional arrow keys for that.

    Keep up the good work. It’d be awesome if, out of the box, Linux distros could just recognize the Wiimote you have, and use it for gestures / movie control / music control / game control.

    One thing I’d really love to see in the future, is Compiz integration with GDM, KDM, or some theoretical futuristing FreeDesktop login manager. If you’re sharing the computer with other local users, your cube can just spin away and be replaced with the other user’s cube.

    …and in the meantime? While your friend uses your computer, perhaps you want to return to your desktop session. You go to the computer in the living room, and get access to that off-screen desktop of yours over VNC, using the same login manager interface. That would be -awesome-.

  3. mmm… Maybe making something out of a wiimote… LIKE A NINTENDO POWER GLOVE! :O That way, we can turn the cube by virtually ‘touching’ it with our 3D Glasses on, or rotate windows with our fingers, etc. etc….

    Two Wii Motes together sound uncomfortable and awkward, ‘specially for us who aren’t ambidextrous :P.

    For those of you who don’t know what a Power Glove is:

  4. @st33med:

    grammar correction – “wii who aren’t ambidextrous” 🙂

    btw, I love that you guys are talking about using the wiimote for head tracking and making it do something useful. Ever since I saw Johhny Lee’s videos I’ve been dying to think of a good use (beyond 3d games which of course would be great).

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