Compiz Fusion Community News for 25th March 2008: Webgits, Curved Expo, Wallpaper Re-Write!

Hello There!

Welcome to yet another edition of the Compiz Fusion Community News, lots of cool new things for you to try out this time (and even more for users of those other OS’s to be jealous of). This time we’ve got a few bugfixes, a sleek new curved expo mode, screenlets supporting web-based widgets and a re-write of the Wallpaper plugin.

Also new, but not covered in this post because I already covered it is the new Freewins damage and shaping engine.

News in Bugs

  • Core now updates window types before applying states (preventing it from applying a window state to a potentially incorrect window)
  • Windows that have no minimize action associated with them will no longer minimize
  • Animations now finish correctly in freewins (preventing duplicate windows from being shown due a mask being set)
  • Atlantis2 now renders slightly faster
  • Fix potential crash when using simple-ccsm with another language
  • Windows which were minimized when compiz first starts are now unminimized with the minimize animation and not the opening animation.

News in Features


Well, whise (The main developer of screenlets) has added functionality to the main screenlets branch which allows you to use web-based HTML widgets and gadgets as screenlets! Unfortunately, I’m not able to grab screenshots, but it allows you to grab the widget’s code location from Google Gadgets, Spring Widgets, WidgetBox and Yourminis Widgets and display that web widget as a screenlet. Darknesssssskrad makes a great video tutorial on how to grab a widget from the web and turn it into a screenlet

Web Widgets are certainly my Screenlet of the Week!

Curved Expo Mode

Onestone has woven his magic coding wand and brings us another eye-popping cool effect, now to the Expo plugin with the Curved Expo Display!


This is a normal mode with and without reflection


Or you can make the curves very intense!

Of course, all the other expo configuration options apply; distance, reflection and also two new options to configure the brightness and saturation of unused viewports.

Wallpaper Re-Write

Thanks to a re-write of the wallpaper plugin, brightness and saturation changes are now applied no matter what plugin paints the desktop window. Here is an example with multiple wallpapers with expo – before and after:


Oh no!


It works!

And finally the compulsory ‘Shiny Desktop With Expo’ pic


It still requires that you patch your desktop manager for Compiz Wallpaper support , or if you have a recent version of KDE, it should work anways. Finally, you also need the new BCOP to build it as that has the PLUGIN_DISPLAY/SCREEN/WINDOW macros built in.

Other Stuff

Wiimote Plugin Video

Alright, so I said I would make this last week, but I’ve been swamped with real life recently, so I only got around to doing this now. Here it is =)

Tip of the Week

If you’re trying to get support and are sick of all those

“A handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = “org””

getting in the way of your really important debug output then simply disable the DBUS plugin

Well., thats it for this week. I’m off to go and fix bugs in freewins now – which have bee annoying me for a while. Hope they are fixed soon! Bye!

14 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion Community News for 25th March 2008: Webgits, Curved Expo, Wallpaper Re-Write!

  1. Yeah! I very appreciate your work …. 🙂 but i’d like to know a thing ….
    what I need to compile wiimote – plugin? which version of glibc? and gcc? i had problems with pthread so I think is a glibc or kernel related issue …

    Excuse for my bad english!

  2. Very cool. How can I get this on my computer. Is there a package I can install on top of compizfusion or is this not being released to the public?
    I keep seeing all these cool features for compiz but I can never seem to find where people are getting them from. I would be nice to have a central repository for compizfusion plugins. Anyway it looks very cool excellent wok.

  3. hello , i just found this , i just want to say the web widgets will be included soon in screenlet 0.0.15

  4. I just found your blog. Thanks for the great source of compiz news. I have a question for you:

    Is it possible to specify that the GUI window of a particular running application is password protected (after being minimized)?

    One way to use this would be that when the window is minimized, a password is required before the contents can be seen after the window is again restored or maximized.

    It could be thought of as a screen saver for a single window.

    Can I use existing compiz plug-ins or rules to achieve this? Thanks.

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