Dear Interwobs

Can someone give me a pre-compiled for SUSE 10.3 version of the X Server with DRI2. My laptop overheats the minute I try to compile anything :/


15 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. If it’s just a compile option you could quite easily [and quickly] rebuild packages for it in the openSUSE build service, using the same info from the packages in the Xorg snapshot repo.

  2. I think you should probably wait until it’s a bit more stable. It’s not worth the time to get it done when it crashes after about a minute (see my video, the entire X server goes down at the end). Wait it out a while.

  3. @iXce 😦
    @OasisGames can you show me this video you speak of 🙂
    @apokyphos Are you able to add complie options like –prefix=/opt/dri2 ?

  4. It’s his blog he can do what he pleases with it, and I don’t think 1 post in compiz planet should be considered spam…

  5. [quote]Your post has nothing to do with compiz & compiz fusion…[/quote]

    DRI2 has nothing to do with compiz? I think you are mistaken

  6. You can change the parameters by unpacking the src.rpm, and modding the spec file, then use rpmbuild to make a new src.rpm and build it with rpmbuild –rebuild …

  7. @macaholic
    On his blog – yes, when his blog is published on CF planet – NO; and this is not his first “off-topic” blog post that spammed CF planet; far from it

    DRI2 has nothing to do with compiz; and problems with compiling DRI2 even less

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