Compiz White & Black Frozen screen fix


If you are getting a freeze and black & white screen ever since the latest compiz-git, just issue a:

git revert 0c1fc202acbfdc66751b97a59d3a962ed66579b9

in your compiz sources directory.

EDIT: onestone has added a workaround. Just update compiz.

If you are not experiencing this issue, IGNORE this post.

– SmSpillaz


5 thoughts on “Compiz White & Black Frozen screen fix

  1. Sorry, my problem is a fully white screen aka white screen of death. And I use the latest xf86-video-ati-git for my video card x600se.

  2. Hey SmSpillaz,

    Picpaste doesn’t like direct linking to their images, so there’s an error message where you’ve tried embedding it in your post. This would be the proper URL:

    But I suggest saving it and hosting it somewhere else. Picpaste isn’t exactly a permanent image hosting service… 😉

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