Got my new laptop … Finally

Finally got my XPS m1530. It was freed from vice-ta as iXce called it within 30 minutes. Runs compiz like a dream, A little hint would be to turn of anti-aliasing in nvidia-settings and turn on blur so that the built-in 8600GT clocks up to it’s best speed. You won’t believe the next screenshot:

I have yet to see any choppyness when I’ve got rain, blur, motion blur, tons of windows open, transparent cube & 3D, cube deformations and 3 videos and 4 redirected (beat that OasisGames) GL apps running.

Only problems I’ve run into so far with this laptop is the expresscard slot not being recognised, so I can’t watch TV, the internal mic not working, eject touch-button being locked and the fact that it is missing from the sleep whitelist, so it can’t sleep yet (it can hibernate though!)

Also, it runs at a nice and cool 40C when compiling software, so I wont have overheating wasting my time anymore (Juts a lot more drooling and gaming!)

Overall, I’d certainly recommend this laptop to linux users – runs like a dream!


17 thoughts on “Got my new laptop … Finally

  1. Impressive performance, but you should really try to recompile freetype with truetype bytecode interpretation enabled, or only use fonts which are designed for the autohinter… Blame software patents.

  2. Same laptop here.. compiz runs fine, but I can’t use emerald because it makes the system REALLY choppy.


    The microphone issue was resolved in kernel 2.6.25

  3. interesting, I got the same graphics adapter (8600GT in a Dell Inspiron 1720, Core2 T7500 @2.2GHz, 2GB Ram, running Ubuntu 8.04 with the preinstalled Compiz-Fusion 0.7.4 and Emerald 0.7.2) and there are lots of things that run choppy or at least choppy when run for the first time.

    All of the effects which run choppy on the Inpspiron are running very smoothly on much older & slower machines (among which there is a notebook with a 1.5 GHz Centrino with 512 MB Ram and an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64 MB)
    Especially the tabbing through grouped windows is always lagging in an irregular manner, while other motions like Initiating the free cube rotation only seem to lag when executing it after a certain time not using it. Suggestions?

    Otherwise Compiz is indeed running like a dream, had Counter-Strike:Source, Civilization IV, Google Earth & an HD Quicktime-Trailer each running at the same time on 4 viewports while watching through the transparent cube with 3D-windows enabled. The ingame-fps werent perfect at this point anymore but the video was still running smoothly 🙂

  4. “Especially the tabbing through grouped windows is always lagging in an irregular manner, while other motions like Initiating the free cube rotation only seem to lag when executing it after a certain time not using it. Suggestions?”

    Probably this is due to the power saving policies of the Nvidia drivers.. the driver reduces clock and ram speed when the system is idle .. so you have to find a way to force them to stay always at the maximum speed.
    Smspillaz suggests to turn on blur, but it’s not working for me..

  5. I recently ran Compiz Fusion git on a Lenovo T60p and it ran perfectly. It has a Core2 T2600 @2.16GHz, 2GB ram and an ATI 512Mb graphics card. Also I was using the ATI proprietary graphics driver.

    Unfortunately that machine is owned by IBM and I can’t keep it. But I can say that Compiz Fusion also runs very nice on my older IBM T43 and T40p. Their is a little choppyness, but It has been greatly reduced as the Beryl/Compiz Fusion project has been developed. 🙂

  6. Why are you using pseudo transparent terminals? It’s a nice feature for when you can’t have the real thing, but now when you can it’s probably more expensive, and definitely not as slick.

  7. @Mark

    Because of the development work and such that I do, I have to restart compiz a lot. GNOME-Terminal automatically reverts back to the old pseudo-transparency if the composite manager goes away. I usually use the real transparency 😛 (With blur of course 😉 )

  8. Can you explain the nvidia antialias vs compiz blur thing? I don’t really get it?

    @Artie: Sync to v-black obviosly syncs the framerate to the refresh-rate of the screen. Does one need the additional frames? Or they get lost anyway?

  9. Is that a challenge? I guess I should read your posts more often, I completely missed it until now.
    /me runs off to start Google Earth, Blender, and five extra glxgears while running his DRI2-equpped X server…

  10. Got a 8600GT on my system76 laptop too. Very nice card.

    Do you know how much vram has yours got? Mine has 512, and I read on the net that the card physically can’t make efficient use of it all. And sometimes my focus animations freeze for a bit in the middle (doesn’t happen always though).

  11. Nevermind about the last thing, got an update today and it listed “optimization fixes” in the animations plugin. Seems to have worked!

  12. could you publish or send me your settings belonging the nvidia-card. i’m owning the same card but always get a little choppyness…


  13. I’d be interested to know why we should turn off anti-aliasing and enable blur in the nVidia control panel as well..

    What version driver are you using, I just got the XPS M1530, using nVidia 173.14.05 – everything runs perfect, Emerald, Compiz, though having some difficulty getting games to work with TransGaming Cedega.

  14. Hey, I saw your quad boot video on youtube. It said to come to your blog to find out how but this was the only article I could find.

    Do you have a guide / tutorial? I have a m1530 as well.


    email me… execute the following to get my e-mail.

    python -c “print ”.join(map({‘e’: ‘eric’,’d’: ‘.’,’f’: ‘fred’,’h’: ‘h’,’a’: ‘@’,’g’: ‘gmail’,’c’: ‘com’,}.get, (‘e’, ‘d’, ‘f’, ‘e’, ‘h’, ‘a’, ‘g’, ‘d’, ‘c’)))”

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