Taking leave for a while


You might notice that over the next five weeks I will be far less active on things like my blog, the forums, IRC and git. This is for a number of reasons.

The first is because of my suffering school grades. I just got my literature, calculus and physics results back and they are all below average. This has been a huge setback in terms of my studies, and I have decided that hire some tutors to help me to better understand these subjects. (I’m doing OK at Computer Science, Media & Communications and History however). This means that my free time will drastically reduce and I’m also trying not to procrastinate in a sense by doing CF Development or hanging out on IRC or the forums (I love it that much, =) )

The second is the fact that my end-of-year exams are coming up. You might think that this is strange, considering that for the Americas and some of Europe, the end of the year is actually in July and in Australia the end of the year is in December. Unfortunately, my school has decided to shorten this school year to three quarters of what it should be, and considering it is Grade 11, that’s an extra workload I didn’t expect. So I need to study extra hard to get my bad subjects up to scratch and allow myself to perform well in my exams.

So those are the reasons. I wouldn’t expect too many blog / git / forum updates for a while. I will, however push out a few freewins fixes before I go dormant.

So what can be expected in the future?

Good news is, this is just leave, so I’ll only be gone for a while. Additionally, I am working on three things which will be ready a few weeks after I am back:

  • The first is trying to get all of compiz & compiz-fusion to work with input redirection and MPX (Moreso MPX, but IR if I get the time). Note, that I’m not trying to get IR into the X Server, but trying to prepare a prototype compiz that will make use of these technologies when they are released.
  • The second is an API for applications to animate thier own windows using compiz
  • And the third is a secret, but you will much appreciate it (Hint, it uses clutter and is a project on it’s own

So I hope that explains my absense. I wish you all well in the next few weeks as I prepare for exams and will be back with new exciting stuff soon.



14 thoughts on “Taking leave for a while

  1. fair enough, good luck with that stuff šŸ™‚
    (TEE isn’t as important as it’s made out to be, it just means you can get into uni quicker)

    If you still get distracted by the forums and such, literally unplug your computer and put in another room.

    I did that for year 12 exams, and it sort of worked šŸ™‚
    (probably should have done that a couple of weeks before my exam weeks though as I ended the year with an average of around 80% for all my subjects (except english) and ended up with an average of around 55-60% for my exams…)


  2. The best of luck to you on your exams. Been there, with the procrastination and doing other things when I should be studying.

    Thanks for the contribution to open software and can’t wait for the secret! šŸ™‚

  3. Good luck with your exams! (Scotch?)
    (I never realised how disproportionally West Australians seem to make up the compiz community, considering our numbers compared to the rest of the world)

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