MPX appears to be too fun…

MPX just adds whole new levels of bling that were never before possible. Here is a video of the ported to MPX plugins mag and wizard. This is just too much bling!

Oasisgames, have we declared a feature war on KWin yet?

EDIT: Will be working on Physics, Water and Ghost in the next few days – I’ll provide a status report after I’ve finished porting them — this is gonna get interesting.


5 thoughts on “MPX appears to be too fun…

  1. sol0matrix:

    No news on the O-F Merge yet, but david is working on a new project called nomad. Not much info on it other than the fact that he has setup up blank wiki pages everywhere ( and there are some patches around. …. totally undocumented of course.

  2. well am glad to hear that david is ok but i have notice that kde4.1 has a better scale plugin option then we do!! example layout could be configured options are grid natural and something else that i am not able to remember at the moment so is their any way we could port those features over because we seem to be missing alot here?

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