Compiz-Fusion MPX Support is Complete!

I have now completed the first draft of the patches to add MPX support to Compiz-Fusion. These are only the first draft patches, so there are still tons of bugs to be fixed. After I fix those bugs, I’ll begin work on the Input Redirection patches for the rest of Compiz-Fusion. Below is a video of all the work done so far with IR/MPX:

(Compiz-Fusion planet readers click here)

The patches will be released on November 1’s, 2008.


27 thoughts on “Compiz-Fusion MPX Support is Complete!

  1. The song is ‘I Will Touch the Sky’ by BassHunter

    By the way, you don’t need a multi-touch screen to use this – you can just plug in another mouse!

  2. Is there any need for the banging trance tune in the background? ๐Ÿ˜› Also, someone needs to put on the wiki or on the forums an explanation of what MPX actually *is*…

    “Your search query “MPX” didn’t return any results.” Took me a little bit of looking to see what it actually was all about.

    Looks good though!!

  3. sam great job as all ways but i have notice that kde4.1 has a better scale plugin option then we do!! example layout could be configured options are grid natural so is their any way we could port those features over and currently our scale plugin is missing alot of features from beryl why ?????

  4. sol0matrix:

    Natural Grid? I haven’t tried it yet – but there is always the organic scale mode in scaleaddon – disabled because it is broken however.

  5. in our current git 0.7.9 from tuxfamily repo plugin scaleaddon only have options for normal window layout mode clicking the drop down box does nothing it seems like over time we are losing features i know your working hard and other devs are as well but we need to be constant about what we are offering. people need to see fusion at its best and for beryl supporters out their losing features isnt what a merge should do.. i am sure a lot of people are staying the same thing here..

    thank god that your working on IR and MPX because everyone else is waiting for gods knows what ! the open source community is not use to waiting on anything we just make it our self

  6. i know we are waiting for xorg devs to make the necessary changes in xserver but come on this has been going on way too long now and i saw your msg to david on why we are still waiting and thats the reason you took it up on your own to make this possible which i applaud you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @sol0matrix:

    The code for organic scale is there, it is just not accessible at the moment because of it’s broken state. You can edit the XML file to enable it. There is a setting where you need to change the tag to 3 instead of 2 right after the comment.

  8. are you ref to scaleaddon or just scale because i had to edit scaleaddon.xml Organic – EXPERIMENTAL 1 to !new! 0 now both drop down value are available how ever changing from one to the other looks the same so i am assuming its not working. where is this tag 3 line number or example code would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You need to change the max value for the list – and organic doesn’t work anyway. I tried to write my own long ago, but alas failed to get anything worth using.

    Can’t wait to have an MPX-enabled X server and for these to get merged in git. A little OT, but can you help out with the headtracking plugin again and get us some input redirection there? How goes the 3d input redirection in Freewins, anything working yet?

  10. @OasisGames

    I talked to b0le about it and he said that basically, 2 Triangles is enough for 2D redirection, but when you take 3D into the picture, the input will only line up on the corners. The only real solution we have found so far is to have the use configure the accuracy of input redirection, hence the number of triangles used.

    I’m currently writing some kind of interface in core to allow us to do this.


    There is nothing stopping us from c’n’p-ing the code from kWin ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. A lot of us are running laptops with external mice (or in my case a trackball) and have an unused standard Synaptics pad in the lappy. So we have the hardware for this “right now”.

    A better answer might be a mouse that has a trackball on top – move it around on a desk like a mouse yet also have a separate trackball. Bit of a learning curve of course, but it does mean one-handed operation.

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