More Input Redirection News

Patches are almost finished

So I’ve finished what I wanted to achieve with input redirection and the X patches, now I just need to do a little bugfixing and hole-filling. The only things I haven’t got around to doing are expo and wiitrack, mainly because they were too complicated for me to implement in the current system.

Here are a list of changes that come with IR:

  • Interact with transformed freewins windows
  • Use all windows at once during scale / shift/ ring mode
  • Interact with shelfed windows
  • Proper input redirection in ezoom (no more cursor scaling / hiding)

And, as always, a screencast:

MOV Download

Planet Users Click Here

– SmSpillaz


11 thoughts on “More Input Redirection News

  1. @Bacharel Marcola: won’t integrate these until they get around to integrating some form of input redirection. I figure that if I make enough noise and demand for it, they’ll consider it.

  2. wonderful video as all ways sam 🙂 could we use the 3d plugin to add depth to transform windows like freewins am sure you already thought about it lol and i love the window depth / stack padding in WIitrack plugin but when its transform the screen isn’t damage properly. !! man i wish that i was able to help you guys 🙂

  3. Didn’t read the article so I didn’t notice this: Wiitrack is no more – the webcam-enabled version is now just “Head Tracking”. Make sure you get both the stacking and the view distortion! That would be great.

    What else is there? It’d probably be a good idea to do some IR on the cube/cylinder/sphere so that we can freeze during a rotation and do stuff. That would take a lot more work on the calculations side, but it would be great from a usability standpoint. 3d would play a role here.

    Heck, just looking at things – isn’t there some way we can make this a whole lot easier by having any rendering of a window map to an input redirection mesh?

  4. @OasisGames:

    Keep in mind that with the current way I’ve implemented IR, it’s quite difficult to do complex effects like headtracking, expo and cylinder. Those wont be in the release but maybe I can find some patches for them soon

  5. Amazing work! I do see that your video is quite squashed :-/ I’m am very busy in school (senior HS year now), but if I can get very quick directions (no need to be noob friendly) on how to get this installed I’ll make a video some time or another in the near future.

    I’m sad that I haven’t been able to make more FusionCast videos recently, but this might be something I could do a special on.

    Just let me know at my fusioncast email (add to the end of the show’s title… avoiding spam here) and I’ll be happy to have something to do.

    Thanks Sam, and great work!!

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