Before Murphy’s Law ensures the contrary….

Compiz Fusion and MPX and Input Redirection Patches are now out!

So, I figured that I should publish these before murphy’s law ensures that I either have a 1% chance of living the next day, or that the Australian Government censors me.

MPX and Input Redirection Compiz Support is out now!
MPX and Input Redirection Compiz Support is out now!

So, as previously said, the patches are now out today. Here is a list of what they contend of:

  • All plugins that used mouse input can use input from all devices, not just the master device
  • Fixes for the Input Redirection patches in the X Server
  • Input Redirection support in shift, scale, freewins, shelf and ring
    • (Expo and Ezoom are not included because they were difficult for me to do mathmatically, volunteers welcome)

So, wihout further ado, the patches are retrievable from my git repository, located at


Inside you will find three directories, xorg, compiz and fusion. You shoud apply the patches in that order. In the xserver directory, there is a second patch for you to use if you use proprietary video drivers which don’t like the new function signatures.

Of couse, credit where credit is due:

  • Peter Hutterer for:
    • Adapting the base of Compiz for X Input 2 Support (the core patches are mostly based on his original work)
    • Getting MPX Support into the X Server
  • David Reveman for:
    • Creating Compiz, which I’m sure we all can’t live without
    • Creating the Triangular Co-ordinate mesh input redirection system in XComposite
  • Joel Bosveld (b0le) for:
    • Updating the X Server Input Redirection patches to be more relevant with the current X Server
    • Showing me how the X Triangle Mesh works
    • Helping me in implementing the meshing interface in Compiz-Core
  • Dennis Kaspryzyk (onestone) for:
    • Helping me to understand some of the mathematics behind expo and others (although, I was unable to use the methods that he suggested, perhaps one day I will find a way)

And thanks to all of you who were patient in waiting for me to release these patches. Hopefully, with this work done, more people will be able to have input redirection in their servers, and the team will consider input redirection to be an important item on their agenda in future X server releases.

I have also stickied a thread on the C-F forums, ‘Input Redirection Reliant Ideas‘. Please, feel free to post away.

There is no tutorial on how to apply the patches at the moment, I will make one soon.

– SmSpillaz


24 thoughts on “Before Murphy’s Law ensures the contrary….

  1. yeah an how to will surely be needed for most of us to get this working 🙂 thanks for getting this out to the mass sam because we have been waiting for ever for this

  2. Does the new input system work with tablet sub pixel precision? In openSUSE 10.3 I was able to get sub pixel events to my Qt apps, but in openSUSE 11.0 I do not. And I am unsure if it is linuxwacom, X11, or Qt’s fault.

  3. I will write a tutorial soon, but I am having a few problems with the server patches myself. For one, the nvidia driver doesn’t really support the new video ABI in current git revision,s however I know that 31c62495f1de6e9ba41e1f6d7fa263eeb849129b should work.

    Perhaps I will make some more server patches for this commit over today and tommorow

    – Sm

    (Intel users and free ATI driver uses can bask in IR / MPX glory BTW =) )

  4. @John: No, I am not looking for these to be accepted upstream. Rather, I would like to make as much noise as possible, so it becomes more important on the agenda

  5. @smspillaz:
    While I agree that xorg moves kind of slowly, the “make lots of noise so it gets important” approach seems kind of, ummm, douchey. Nothing can be hurt from asking, correct?

  6. The hoped-for end result of this is for the current X input redirection patches to be completely obliterated and replaced with ones meant for actual production use (these were a proof-of-concept written a long time ago).

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