I haz meme

Meme attack by planet.gnome.org!
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open it to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
This get’s me “The Hero represents the law and becomes the law”
Media Studies is fun!

In other C-F related stuff, I have posted on the mailing list about a proposed animation plugin rework. It’s more or less infrastructure, but should make animations in plugins a lot easier. I’m still going try adding window-like textures to peek and fiddling around with elements and extensions today, homework permitting.

– Sm


18 thoughts on “I haz meme

  1. The closest book I could find is my Python book.

    “The Python code itself may be entered into a text file, stored in a
    database, fetched from an HTML page, parsed from an XML document, and
    so on.”

  2. programming languages principals and practice – Kenneth C louden

    “We mentioned in chapter 2 the attempts to achieve even greater abstraction in programming languages — even to make programming obsolete with the use of specification languages and very-high-level constructs.”

  3. Lol, my math book. It’s in swedish:
    Antag att punkten P i figuren ligger i ett fysikaliskt medium, tex luft, och att Q ligger i ett annat medium, tex vatten, och att x-axeln är gränsen mellan dessa medier.

  4. a really really old assembly language book by robert lafore

    “Although so far we’ve shown you only two registers, there are actually eight 8-bit general-purpose registers.”

    bet you he’s right

  5. Portuguese Penal code ;), number 1 article 10

    “1 – Quando um tipo legal de crime compreender um certo resultado, o facto abrange não só a acção adequada a produzi-lo como a omissão da acção adequada a evitá-lo, salvo se for outra a intenção da lei”

  6. “Java Programming: Advanced Topics”, Joe Wigglesworth and Paula McMillan, Third Edition (2004),

    “This chapter describes the javac compiler, java launcher, javadoc documentation builder, and jar packaging utility.”

  7. damn, why is this book standing next to the desk!! – not sure whether I typed that correctly 😉

    “4 | 9,57482 | 32 | 9,69786 | 37 | 0,39 214 | 9,96696 | 5 | 56”

    looks like a *very old* math book containing only logarithmic number tables from my uncle 😉

  8. “그는 동혁이 보다도 몇해나 먼저 야학을 개설한 선각자로 동혁이와는 어려서 싸움도 많이 하였지만, 뜻이 맞는 막역한 동지였다.”

    상록수 – by. 심훈

    It’s Korean ^^

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