I’m not dead!

Elements-Extendable (my take on elements) is almost finished. If you haven’t checked out git already (git clone git://git.compiz-fusion.org/users/smspillaz/elements-extendible), here is what is implemented in the plugin:

  • Multi-List with groups, have any configuration of element movement patterns and toggle them independently and actions to cycle through the list
  • Modularzed design, a lot of code reduction, should (hopefully) be faster.
  • OSD showing what element you are on when cycling through the list / toggling elements
  • Extension interface. Developers can make new lightweight compiz plugins (under 200 lines of code!) which add completely new element movement patterns. This should solve the problem of having element movement patterns hardcoded in or lots of separate plugins that essentially do the same thing.
  • Element animations, cycle through frames of textures (or, at least extensions can).
  • A bit crashy, but hopefully all fixed soon =)

I don’t think a video is neccesary, but here are a few screenshots:

OSD Display
OSD Display
Configuration Dialog
Configuration Dialog

Hopefully it should be able to replace stars and go into -extra some time in the near future.

Working on pulling apart animation next =)

– Sm


4 thoughts on “Elements

  1. Looks exciting.

    btw, all the Flash content on your main page is killing my DRI2-enabled X server. (If this thing would remain stable for more than an hour, I’d be back in the game).

    OSD should be split into a separate plugin as a sort of extension to plain text rendering. Then it could be made themeable with a background image or something like that…

    Anyway, good job.

  2. @OasisGames:

    There is an OSD plugin, it’s called prompt and in my repo.

    Problem is that if I want this to get into -extra, I probably shouldn’t go about adding dependencies.

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