Extendible-Elements extensions.

For those of you who want to check out the extension system of elements-extendible, here are some extension plugins for you to try.

Bouncing Balls A.K.A Boing


Both plugins were made by mdot earlier this year and make use of the texture animation system I recently implemented. In order to use this, create multiple copies of the ‘element’ in the multi-list with different textures and set them all with the same ‘Element Iter.’



3 thoughts on “Extendible-Elements extensions.

  1. Sam, why did you add the perspective “undistortion” code from Animation into Freewins? You’re killing any chance of Freewins-Headtracking compatibility!
    (Does it help with anything else?)

  2. OasisGames: Two reasons:

    1) To make freewin’d windows wrap around the cube correctly
    2) So I could disable that really nasty hack of a ‘reset windows temporarily when screen is transformed’

    I wouldn’t have thought it killed any chance of working with headtracking, but AFAIK, freewins looked rather bad with a projection matrix transform anyways.

  3. Sam
    I am not having much joy in implementing elements-extendable. I used elements as a background desktop without toggling keys. If the problem is my failure to grasp the iter maybe a screenshot tutorial could help me get the new power of extendable

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