Bzzt! Update!




Compiz Related Stuff:


[DEBUG] * Plugin 'elements' successfully loaded!
init function called
PrivateElementScreen  constructor call!

Sam@XPS-SUSE:~/.compiz/options> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/compiz/lib/pkgconfig pkg-config --modversion compiz
# 0.9.0

I’m quite glad to say that compiz isn’t dead! Far from it! One of my bigger plugins, elements, has finally been ported, after sorting through about 500 unique compile errors in the past week. Unfortunately, while it is ported and it loads, it isn’t really finished yet as I can’t get a config file for it from the ini plugin. And besides that, even if I were, I’d have to use CCSM for most of the multi-list stuff and … well, that’s going to take me a while to sort out and get working with my own install. So, it’s ported and I’ll probably come back and finish it later =)

You can get it at:


I’m probably going to start porting other smaller plugins while I’ve stuff got spare time.


I was thinking about how I might implement this, and hopefully if I can get MacSlow’s RGBA-GLX code working the way I want, then I should be able to draw a fullscreen window for the panel that will smothly resize and use XShape to handle input.

Hopefully, a minimalistic implementation should be enough for compiz users who want to use compiz with future gnome version.

Real Life Related Stuff:


So my partner and I won the 2009 UNYA Hammaskjold Trophy Competition (Model United Nations Debating), so we’re off to the 2009 Evatt Trophy Competition later in December! Whee!

Also, I’ve heard tentative news that one of my friends has been selected for the final 4 WADL State Team, which is just awesome!


It was awesome of course. Germany, France, Poland. Nuff said.


Yay, they’re over! FreeTime++!


I also managed to rebuild a server out of spare parts on junk collection day. So far, although the average age is about 7~ years, it’s pretty awesome!, It’s got a 10 year old HDD (10GB at 5200RPM IDE), DVD Burner at 2x (Woo!), P4 2.4GHz, ATI Radeon 9850 (R300, which is supported by both KMS and DRI2), a truckload of USB bays and an ASUS MyCinema Europa for TV. And the motherboard is a Foxconn which came with the CPU. It’s plugged into my TV and acts as a full-on HTPC and it’s got the XBMC-PVR-VDR patch applied so I can watch TV. I should really do a review of XBMC one day, it’s just plain awesome. Runs Ubuntu 9.04 like a fox.



7 thoughts on “Bzzt! Update!

  1. 😦 rgba-glx gives me a bad request on Intel-DRI2:
    get fences failed: -1
    param: 6, val: 0
    Strike, found a GLX visual with alpha-support!
    X Error of failed request: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request: 136 (DRI2)
    Minor opcode of failed request: 6 ()
    Resource id in failed request: 0x4400004
    Serial number of failed request: 41
    Current serial number in output stream: 41
    (the get fences failed, etc. is a common piece of output for DRI2

  2. See if you can implement gnome shell in for compiz before the gnome devs release their shell. If you can write it in C++ faster than they can write it with javascript I would certainly be impressed.

  3. @Gianpa, bob

    Don’t bet on it. Remember I have a real life too (but this is probably something I want to get done, along with springdesk *sigh*).

    I guess the problem with these two is that I already have far too much to do compiz-wise anyways, porting plugins and such.

  4. Congrats on getting to Evatt 🙂 The NSW Perez de Cuellar finals were last week and my team was invited to go as a replacement for runners-up as we came 3rd. Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne where I’m sure your team will provide tough competition like WA has every year!

    (Coincidentally, I also happen to be a Linux user; great work on Compiz, if only I had the level of coding ability to contribute to something like that! I should go and learn C++ some time…)

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