Epic Fail

epic-failNote: Don’t ever do that again. That is, don’t ever start working in one git tree, make a whole bunch of commits there, start another git tree, pull from the old git tree to the new git tree, do git init in the new git tree somehow pulling in the refspec from the old git tree then push in the new git tree only to realize you push to the old git tree inadvertently overwriting everything in the old git tree then having to revert every single one of those commits individually. >.<

And in other news, I have done another plugin for you because I am bored of porting thumbnail. It’s called autoresize and is based off a suggestion by Travis Watkins a while ago which has compiz automatically resize all your windows to fit the screen size if your resolution changes. Of course, it will only work to the extent that the window allows it’s minimized size to be, but should solve the issue of ‘I changed my screen resolution and now cant move or resize windows anymore and get to the control to change it back’

I’m also in the TEE end of schooling which means big-time studying up for me (especially considering that my exam timetable sucks – I’ve got 3 writing intensive subjects right next to each other). So, as I’ve been saying all this year, don’t expect to see to much of me over the next little while (TM).

– Sam


3 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. From the man:

    “Running git-init in an existing repository is safe. It will not overwrite things that are already there”

    Ofcourse, if you want it to override it, I guess it wouldn’t be considered safe πŸ˜€

    ‘Course, I could be misunderstanding what you did.

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