7 months later

We are pretty close to a 0.9 Beta now in terms of functionality. Most of the plugins have been ported in some form to compiz++ although some (mostly the one’s I’ve done) are broken in some way which makes them unusable. When I say ‘most’, I mean that it is about 80% feature parity with 0.8, just some of the *big* plugins have not been ported yet. Asides from some of my own plugins and other users, most user plugins (especially big ones) still need to be ported. Additionally, we still have the following on our list:


  • Desktop Cube (which I believe rcxdude is working on, but I have yet to get ahold of him)
  • Rotate Cube
  • DBUS
  • Video


  • Colorfilter
  • EZoom (which I am working on right now)
  • Group (This one is a bit of a hotcake)
  • Ring
  • Shift
  • Session
  • Workarounds


  • Bicubic filtering
  • Stackswitch
  • Firepaint
  • Showmouse
  • Animation Addons

Pretty much everything else is almost done or has bugs unless specified above.

Special thanks also to Erkin Bahceci [cornelius], Joel Bosveld [b0le], Dennis Kasprzyk [onestone] and Danny Baumann [maniac] for continuing to work on the project despite their lack of time due to other commitments.

Also, huge thanks to our userbase for not exploding / forking the project [1] / getting impatient over the long period of experimental development. While it has been a bit slower than we previously aimed, we are almost there and couldn’t do so without the continued knowledge that we have a faithful and understanding userbase which makes our contribution so worthwhile.

Other developers will be posting what they have been working on within the next few days. As we get closer to the beta, I’ll be going over some of the fundamental differences and changes for the better in compiz-0.9 compared to compiz. It will begin at the developer level and slowly go to the user level. Most of the changes here are for development but are there for the long term and as such I believe that they will affect users and the entire freedesktop community in the long term as well.

As soon as the 0.9.x release cycle starts rolling ahead and I finish high school, I will be writing community news blog posts again as part of our strategy to really push compiz-0.9/1.0.

[1] I don’t consider that ‘Beryl back from the ashes’ packaging of Beryl for Intrepid a fork. That was just plain stupid.

– Sm


21 thoughts on “7 months later

  1. WOOT!

    I’m glad to see this news 🙂
    I for one am not too excited about GNOME shell, (not starting a flame war here lol), as I plan to stick with compiz as my Desktop Environment (yes Desktop enviroment) + GNOME.

    I hope ubuntu keeps compiz as a feature because it’s too costly to lose it 🙂

    Can’t wait, no, I can wait for 0.9 and I’m sure it will be great! Thanks for putting in the hard work!


    (btw, I hope our old troller friend doesn’t roll in to start telling us to switch to KDE… I use KDE, GNOME, XFCE, IceWM, etc, etc, etc, and even etc!)

    1. > I for one am not too excited about GNOME shell, (not starting a flame war here lol), as I plan to stick with compiz as my Desktop Environment (yes Desktop enviroment) + GNOME.

      Is Gnome-Shell supposed to replace Compiz? Can they not work together?

      Is there seriously a chance Ubuntu will drop Compiz when Gnome-Shell is released?


      1. Yes, they plan to drop compiz when GNOME-Shell comes out AFAIK

        Not to worry, you’ll still be able to run compiz as AFAIK they are keeping gnome-panel in place so that non-compositing window manager can still run.

  2. Great to see some activity from the Compiz front again, just yesterday I was wondering whether that was even being worked on, I even forgot it was being ported to Compiz++…

  3. I’m looking forward to see the new stuff! It’s sad that Compiz have lost its speed forward.

    My main use for it is to get accelerated graphics and not “eye candy”, so I just want it to be incredibly stable with ordinary window decorations.

    1. You should try using xfwm4 once, Xfce’s window manager that was the first window manager to get compositing support. Very, very stable, ordinary decorations, looks good 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to tell you, but Compiz has no future. It was a nice experiment, but it’s best days are over.

    It was inevitable that as soon as the window managers of the main desktop environments start supporting compositing effects, Compiz won’t be necessary.

    Kde did it with Kwin, now it’s gnome’s turn.

      1. The fact is the idea of rewriting the entire compiz in C++ was a stupid idea. Also, they lost a lot of efforts in rewritings, merging, porting, and so on. I basically agree with Feech. Big projects like Gnome need something more stable from a project point of view. So laugh how much you want, but this is the truth: Compiz will be dropped by Gnome. At that point very few people will use it.

      2. Compiz can’t be dropped by GNOME because GNOME’s hasn’t adopted Compiz – it still uses Metacity. As for the new GNOME Shell, that’s a complete new user experience, and some people will prefer using a old-school window manager like Compiz, perhaps in combination with, say, xfce4-panel if GNOME’s Panel no longer works with Compiz.

    1. lol another slow awful implementation of Compiz’s innovation
      Gnome shell would let you tweak very few settings or many be even none like their joke of an application gnome-screensaver.

      Compiz let you break free of the Nazi like control of Gnome. Hopefully Compiz will come through and save us from Gnome Shell.

    2. Used kwin’s effects and I am sorry to disappoint you but they’re awful compared to compiz! They look ages, slow, and robotic.

      Compiz isn’t perfect (it’s not the most stable) but currently it’s the best compositing wm out there and it’s a lot more than eye candy (as a lot of people claim it is).

  5. Last time I tried Kwin it was dead slow on intel graphics cards where compiz is running pretty good. So I think it’s Kwin which should play catchup

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