How-To transfer notes from your computer to your HP39xx/40xx calculator

[This post isn’t compiz related at all, regular readers can skip over it, this is perhaps to save the few who have been desparately searching Google / the HP documentation with no useful results]

Ah HP, how your documentation for one of the most convoluted programs I have ever used is completely useless to anyone.


Thank you for pointing your users to a completely useless piece of documentation on the subject of trying to transfer notes from notepad to your calculator. May your documentation team be forever fired.

So seriously, here is how you do it:

Step 1) Actually use the bare documentation above to make some form of a start.

Plugging in the calculator and installing the Windows [TM] only software (sigh) is fairly self explainitory. Once you open up the terribly named Conn3x application, plug in your calculator and it should automagically pick up and give you a totally useless view of your filesystem and not an interface to your calculator.

Selecting a dir
Selecting a directory

On the sidebar have some new empty directory ready that you created in Windows Explorer. Highlight that dir and ensure that your calculator is plugged in.

Its not working

On the calculator press Shift+ 0 (Notepad), create a new empty note then hit send. When it asks you where scroll down until you see ‘USB Disk Drive’ and pick that. Pick the first option on the next menu then it will complain that it needs to format the drive (yeah I know, wtf right?), anyways, go ahead and hit yes if you are sure the directory you have selected in Conn3x is empty. Once that’s done you can send your empty note over.

Step 2) Work around bad designs

There is one problem when you send that empty note, it gets saved as a .000 file. That’s really … useful? Anways, right click it in explorer, open with, blah blah blah wait for Redmond to do its thing, open with Notepad (what, you were expecting to edit it with Word? Hahaha) and type in your brilliant note that will help you pass your Graphics Calculator OK test/exam/whatever. Save the file and don’t change it’s extension

Then back on your calculator, delete the note you just created earlier, hit the RECV hotkey, select Disk Drive (USB) once again, pick the file, download it, done.

The NOTEYay!

Hope it helps anyone in need – Sm


3 thoughts on “How-To transfer notes from your computer to your HP39xx/40xx calculator

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  3. you, kind sir, have just saved my life. have been up literally all night looking for away to make this work. it is now 5.43a.m. and my exam is in 2 hours. but i shall prevail.

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