I’ll be making my notes available

After the TEE (November 19th) if any student in WA finds them useful (although most of them will sadly be for outdated subjects that are no longer taught next year).

They will be in PDF format, Copyright to me but licensed under BY-CC-SA.

Subjects are:
TEE Applicable Mathematics,
TEE Physics,
TEE History,
TEE English Literature,
Media Production and Analysis 3AB
Computer Science 3AB.

You’ll have to put up with my messy handwriting and drawings though, sorry.


6 thoughts on “I’ll be making my notes available

  1. I know this is off topic, and I’ll admit I’m a bit lazy, and maybe shy… how can I request (or even help) to bring back the old water plugin from beryl? I mean the one that shows ripples when you move the window?

      1. I wouldn’t mind helping if it’s not too difficult to do. I could give it a shot :).
        Just would need some docs on the latest code for the plugin and I could (NB, could 🙂 try.

        I really think it should return. plus I’m sticking with compiz (gnome-shell won’t even work on karmic, but compiz sings a lovely tune).

        keep up the good work 🙂

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