Not quite

A while ago, things looked on track to get 0.9.0 out by xmas, although the development pace has slowed a bit, and we’ve hit a few bugs we’d like to get fixed first. Although I can say that functionality-wise we are almost on-par with 0.8.*, group is half-done (tab functionality has yet to be implemented), animationaddon is half-done and dbus and stackswitch remain.

I’ll keep you posted, sorry things are taking so long, it will be here soon but don’t hold your breath since there aren’t any major user related changes and we can push back the release as long as necessary to have some kind of stability.


12 thoughts on “Not quite

  1. It is so frustrating that there aren’t more developers who want to work on this amazing project. If only one had the skills 😉

    Keep up the amazing work.

    1. Yeah, maintaining 100+ plugins whenever a core change is made is very frustrating, especially when the developers that wrote those plugins are not available to help and someone else has to re-write them. Although, I don’t think more developers will magically fix the problem – a lot of issues are with the lack of documentation in the code.

      More developers would be nice though 😉

    1. FOSS in general has been a bit slow this year. I wonder if its because of the recession – people are working longer hours and don’t have time to contribute anymore.

  2. i have been using compiz ever since ubuntu 7.10. now even in my karmic can’t do without compiz. i am so glad you guys are now planning to revamp the code base to a whole new level. still you have any idea when will compiz++ be released. and also how can someone willingly contribute to the development of compiz?

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