Ignore the apparent fail

Hello, this is SmSpillaz;

This is probably the most complicated port I’ve done, the diffstat is around 4000+ lines.

Everything works (mostly), I just need to fix those stupid drawing issues, which I have absolutely no expertise on. cornelius1? onestone?

Once this is done, and refactored, it will be the last plugin that needs to be ported. When it is complete, surely the plugins shall fuse to form THE compiz 0.9.0. And when that happens, forward development can only follow.

Stay tuned

– Sm


14 thoughts on “Ignore the apparent fail

      1. Does this mean that Jasper will get more updates, or does it just mean that there won’t be any default decoration for Compiz?

  1. Group is very useful, so thank a lot for porting it!
    Very happy to see that you will port 3d, because I really love it!

    Thanks a lot for your amazing work!

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