Bah, nvidia drivers

So I had a great idea today.

cornelius1 and onestone still haven’t come back from whatever they are doing yet, so I was like “Lets port stackswitch!”. It was only 1000 lines, took maybe 4 hours and was like the other switchers. No big deal.

Soooo close.
Too good to be true 😦


NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 13, 0003 00000000 00008297 00001310 00000000 00000040

Aannnddd GPU Hang. Well that sucks. Now I can’t actually see if what I ported works. Oh well.

Which gives me more incentive to move to nouveau. Because on supported cards [like mine], there is compiz support in their Gallium3D portion. Bare compiz support but it’s there. I won’t miss blur – well, I’ll just have to get it on my intel laptop [how ironic, since this was the reason I moved to nvidia in the first place].


7 thoughts on “Bah, nvidia drivers

  1. Hi!

    I can’t even remotely grasp the complexity of the problems you compiz devs are dealing with, but stumbling about this post made me want to say something that has been on my mind for ages:

    to me, compiz 0.8.4 misses a really fine-because-simple alt-tab-switcher. i find all variants except the static switcher too bling-bling and workflow-obstructive for a productive environment. those fixed-size-thumbnails in the static switcher are so tiny that they’re of little help. so here’s my switch… err, wish list:

    1) alt-tab-switching with scale – like it was possible in earlier versions, as the elders told me…

    2) switching with icons only, like metacity does… to me, nothing beats the big-ass-icon-switcher of osx.

    thanks for your consideration. besides, please keep up the good work!

    take care!

  2. thanks for your quick reply!

    1) i actually thought of the latter. what i wish for is also accurately described and discussed here:

    2) thanks for that link! installing from git seems a little too nerdcore for an average bloke like me. any marks on the roadmap when 0.9 pres with this feature will make it into a testing/edgers ppa?

  3. Recently stackswitch has become uncompilable.

    Since changing to cmake there are a few problems.

    It’s looking for a Compiz_DIR?

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