No Glow

I finally uploaded a C++ port of the group plugin to git today [at 3am, yes, I know ….].

It’s currently missing two things:

  • Number one is glow: This is the functionality where group paints a special ‘glow’ around windows that have been grouped. Apparently it’s useful for telling which windows are grouped, but it’s been the number one difficult thing to port of the entire plugin (asides from tab bar drawing perhaps) and I personally find it annoying. However, despite my toils, calculations (I’m an arts major, what maths did you expect) and uninterrupted proofreading, I can tell that I have the calculations correct (the numbers between 0.8 and 0.9 match up), but alas the glow is drawn upside down, and I have no idea why. And no, I can’t just scale by -1, it doesn’t work like that. Perhaps I might be able to work it out for 0.9.2
  • Number two is text drawing. I intend to add that within the next few hours if I can.

Other than that, I have all major plugins 100% ported asides from DBUS which I have deferred to 0.9.2 anyways.

So I guess now is the time to say “But seriously, there will be a release soon”. Because there will be. As soon as I fix number two and get the plugins-* sorted there will be.



9 thoughts on “No Glow

  1. I just want to say give you a huge THANK YOU for your superb work. Just don’t worry about the glow. If you can get compiz 0.9.2 out of the door very soon, i’m sure everyone will take it as a very big gift for their linux.

    Right now, linux is nothing without compiz, and have the new versión so close is… exciting!!

    Thanks smspillaz, and thanks to the rest of contributors and compiz team.


    don’t worry about the glow at all we are on 0.9.0 which isn’t supposed to be stable anyway. This is great work carry on going I need compiz back on my kde4 desktop so onward with development people.

  3. big news !

    new and improved compiz with even more speed and less resource consumption

    I’m anxiously waiting for a release now ^^

    Thanks Sam 🙂

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