I did the adjustments to make emerald work with the new decoration API today ….


I figured that while we don’t have another custom decorator, it’s probably worth while keeping it around, even if it is somewhat broken.

Don’t ask if its supported because it isn’t. I would advise distributors not to ship it, ever. When we do a release, emerald would only ever be released under 0.5.7 NOT 0.9 if at all.

In other news, development has been progressing nicely. Dennis fixed the Glow issue in group, a whole bunch of reparenting bugs, the incorrect initial window stacking bug etc. I am porting the gtk-window-decorator to use the 2D Mode (emerald will NOT support this) and hopefully can have something to show for that in the next week. Then release?


11 thoughts on “Emerald

  1. Are those minimized windows turned icons on the left side of your desktop? i.e. when you minimize a window it becomes a small icon on the desktop?

    I’ve been looking for such functionality, do you know where I can find it? (in Gnome)

  2. I do hope Emerald is kept around, at least until there is a decorator with feature parity, that doesn’t pull in a large number of Gnome/KDE deps.

  3. I really like Emerald, the other window decorators are kind of inflexible and don’t decorate windows the way I like.

    So I would really appreciate it when it would stay alive.

  4. Emerald is one of the reasons why I like Linux.

    I’m currently using Ubuntu, and I have never liked the supplied themes.

    I tried Kubuntu with KDE v4.x, but the desktop annoyed me too much.

    I’m tempted to install Debian and see if their supplied themes are any more modern.

    Flat, boring themes, simple glyphs, colors and fonts make for a boring desktop.

    I hope Emerald receives some tender loving care and future releases, or at least a replacement (better) decorator that has feature parity.

  5. I didn’t try Aurorae – I wasn’t aware of it.

    I’ll have to give it a try. I haven’t decided which path to choose when the next ?buntu version is released. I’ll probably give Kubuntu another try, and will make note to try Aurorae.

    Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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