A 2D GTK Window Decorator

Hi everyone

Not compositing

Above is a screenshot of a GTK Window Decorator running in the non-compositing mode of compiz.

This isn’t blingy though. So why is it significant? It means a significant amount of work is done on the GNOME side of things so we don’t need need to change window managers when you want to switch off compositing. It took a particularly long time to get right, simply because the original GTK-Window-Decorator wasn’t architectures with the fact that it might be painted to a window in mind, which meant that I had to rewrite the entire event handler, for example.
There are still a few bugs and I am in the process of fixing them.


16 thoughts on “A 2D GTK Window Decorator

  1. Sam, off topic, but I see an smartmedia card icon on your desktop.
    Is this an xD card?

    I wrote recently an driver for xD reader…

  2. I can’t help but wonder if this work could somehow make the GNOME Alt-Print Screen single-window screenshot binding work like it does in metacity, i.e. include the window decoration?

    This is the only feature I use that is broken in compiz.

  3. Hey i just saw the initial c++ port in the latest commit section with a lot of files affected..
    Doest that mean we can see the 0.9 version soon enough?

    1. That was for one plugin (which would be Cubemodel).

      There are a lot of “Initial C++ port” commits in git, but that’s because there are a lot of plugins.

      However, there is only one more to go!!!

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