Coding by proxy

Ceiling collapsed, house flooded, written off car, damage to $$$ of electricals including laptop’s AC adapter.

Doesn’t stop me from setting up a VM on someone else’s machine and coding on that instead. And fixing a huge bug in gtk-w-d-2d in the meantime.

A C++sy world awaits.


6 thoughts on “Coding by proxy

  1. You sir are a living legend. Just popping in to let you know how much your work is appreciated – I’m a digital artist, and I use compiz to attain new dimensions of awesomeness in digital art – ezooming with bicubic filters, playing with slight motion blurs, fisheye magnification (WOWOW), screen negatives, color filters, using the splash plugin to overlay the same background image as desktop while the desktop is negative to create an amazing wavy eye-trippy effect, elements, wizard, setting screensaver previews of hyperspace and plasma to fullscreen and opacifying them to merge with the wallpaper… while zooming in and painting colourful fire on the screen, playing with fisheye magnification, motion blur and rain (Radeon 4770 is quite a powerful card =D)… I’m going to give myself a seizure with compiz one of these days!

    If you have a CRT monitor, I have lots of art designed specifically with doing this in mind, 1600×1200 png files for my archaic IBM 19″ (I believe they autoresize quite nicely to 1200×800), many with symmetry so they look freaking awesome as desktop wallpaper with the cylinder cube deformation, the site is liked to on this post…

    I’m going to make some youtube videos displaying artistic use of compiz fusion at some point – I’ve been meaning to do this since 2008. Also planning on making installer packs with desktop wallpapers, cube caps, animated skydomes and matching window decorations, I’m no coder but I want to give back to the community somehow 🙂

    Sorry to dump a big rant on you but I’ve been checking your blog one in a while for some time, as I’m very interested in the things on the horizon with compiz, and your posts always command respect. Sorry to hear about the damage to your stuff – I have friends in Perth, I’ll have to check up on them.

    You sir are a true leader in the open-source community 🙂
    Dr. Styles

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