A shout-out to nouveau

So a quick shout-out to nouveau to show how impressed I am that I have compiz running without any proprietary software whatsoever.


And that behind the terminal is what is blurry. Which means that nouveau’s gallium3d has at least some support for GL_ARB_fragment_program and framebuffer_object. And even though the performance isn’t up to the levels provided by the binary driver (yet), it is still *much* faster than it was 3 months ago.

So props goes to nouveau. They basically wrote a driver for an incredibly complicated piece of hardware, completely through memory trace dumps, with no help from nvidia whatsoever and can operate the 3D engine so well that one of the world’s most awesome pieces of software runs on it. So from now on, I will no longer be using the binary nvidia driver, but instead nouveau, since it offers exactly what I need + next gen linux graphics technologies such as KMS, XRandR1.2 and G3D. Win Win Win.


10 thoughts on “A shout-out to nouveau

  1. Agreed – it might still fall well short of the official binaries, but those guys have been performing miracles considering the complete lack of cooperation from Nvidia.

  2. as I am running arch I haven’t tried 3d yet because it takes a lot of work to try but I do think they really are doing an amazing job of it. One day I will say goodbye to the nvidia 173xx drivers once and for all as they do have problems with kde4.

  3. That is great to see. I purchased an ATi card when they promised that their driver code would be freed, and I now run with the FLOSS driver ‘radeon’ and things work well for me. Over all, these are huge steps towards improving the X stack on the FLOSS desktop. Well done, developers.

  4. I still don’t know whether I should go with ATI or nVidia for my next PC purchase. ATi have all the OSS cred but my 7yo Radeon 9550 still doesn’t work well – on Windows or Linux.

    The most recent pain is the OSS drivers forcing redirected video/openGL overlays. On Ubuntu9.04, I could play 720p video back smoothly. On 10.04, due to the video output being forced back through the xserver, so that it plays nicely with compositing, I can’t play 320p video smoothly. The moment another app tries to refresh it’s pixmaps, like conky, video jumps. Then if I turn off compositing, I get video tearing. I’ve searched and searched but have found no way to disable overlay output redirection.

    I get the feeling video hardware is going to be my most difficult choice, once I do buy a new PC.

  5. I know you’re probably busy as could be with compiz, but is there a place that would tell you how to use nouveau with compiz?

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