Compiz master testers needed

Hi everyone,

So we have about 95% of all the bugs fixed for a release and now we need YOUR help to identify the remaining bugs in git master before making the new development branch *official*.

Testing is relatively easy, and can be done without detroying your existing compiz install.

Instructions here.

edit: Instructions updated, since they were causing a few builds to be wonky. Also, the 0.8 dependencies can be installed through installing the various -dev/-devel packages on your distribution for compiz. In ubuntu you can probably use apt-get build-dep compiz or something of the like.

P.S: This /is/ a rewrite from a code perspective, so it’s basically supposed to be functionally equal to 0.8 (with the addition of pluggable rendering backends and reparenting decorations among others). There isn’t any major new functionality, so Phoronix please don’t run a story about how there isn’t any progress whatsoever, because once a release happens you can definitely definitely definitely expect progress 🙂


7 thoughts on “Compiz master testers needed

  1. Great work! will look into this during the weekend, though lazy as I am i’d have preferred finished packages ;-]

  2. What are the dependencies for 0.8? The 0.9 test page says, “You will need cmake, cython and libboost-dev. Otherwise dependencies are the same as 0.8”

    I got the three new dependencies, but I can’t find the old ones for 0.8 to compile it. Let me know!

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