Thank you canonical

For proving to everyone that yes, you  can in fact do a clutter based panel without shoving it inside the window manager

It's compiz running along side a "next gen panel interface!"

I can see that they still plan to use Mutter in the next UNR, but I don’t really care – as long as users are allowed the opportunity to use another window manager, I’m always happy (whether that be compiz, enlightenment, kwin, xmonad etc).

Now if only one particular project could learn something from this.

edit: Damn, it looks like Unity also draws the desktop background. If they could just make it two separate X windows using rgba-glx (or the clutter equivalent thereof) then I could show off some really really cool tricks reproducing the famous “overlay mode” using expo and cube.

11 thoughts on “Thank you canonical

  1. If you’re going to criticise, at least be factual about it.

    Gnome Shell have no intention of putting their panel inside the WM. What they’re doing is simply having the Shell hook into the WM in a way that requires the WM to be Mutter. Argue the merits of that, if you like, but making stuff up doesn’t advance your argument…

    1. I’m not making anything up.

      The panel provided by gs is actually a plugin for mutter (which is why they get some nice integration). But in fact, providing that panel separately is perfectly possible to do and wouldn’t take years of coding effort. I would have seen why it might not have been feasible in the pre-DRI2 years, but these days there isn’t any reason why you can’t do it.

      I did some hacking with the unity panels and compiz and came up with a similar “overview mode” as they have in gs. Maybe I will post a screencast of it tonight.

  2. As soon as i see that no gnome 3 on ubuntu 10.10, i said “cool!” more compiz on the horizon (i was planning to switch to KDE with compiz anyway for gnome 3…)


  3. I’m not able to enjoy this new desktop as yet 😦
    Seems it’s giving me an X Windows error, I guess I’ll wait for a fix.

    Anyway tho, this post needs to be tweeted more or something: a lot of other blogs are falsely reporting (obviously too lazy to test it themselves) that compiz can’t work with Unity.

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  5. So you were upset that gnome shell was a mutter plugin, and happy that unity was not implemented as a mutter plugin? And now unity is a compiz plugin?

    Also, the previous comment here is spam.

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