Half a logical step

So after it seems like everyone was “suprised” that running compiz might actually add 3D overhead, I wrote a blog post try to explain why you get a performance hit, but the reasons why you get a performance it being good. So when I was reading the news on my phone this morning, I saw the next headline that made me laugh so hard that I got out of bed and into wordpress to blog about it. Turns out too, that our friends KWin can also add 3D overhead. You’d think with that explanation of how an OpenGL compositing manager works and how redirected direct rendering works, you could easily say that every OpenGL based compositing manager will add 3D overhead, and that includes Compiz, KWin, Mutter, etc etc etc the list goes on forever. Nope – the only way phoronix can make an argument is with benchmarks and not logical analysis.

I’m waiting for phoronix to run a story about how “apparently” running Mutter will also add 3D overhead. Or maybe they could just say “compositing managers add 3D overhead, just like running two applications at the same time is always going to result in them getting slightly smaller timeslices”.

8 thoughts on “Half a logical step

  1. Aw, don’t blame these guys for running benchmarks. Of course the conclusion is obvious, but then again it was just as obvious as the Compiz one, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they benchmark KWin too. I don’t think their point is to show that using a compositing manager gives you a performance hit, but how large is that performance hit, and benchmarks are a good way to do that.

  2. Hi,

    First off all, I’m Sorry about this offtipoc, but I did not find a contact form in your site. Well, I’m one of your RSS readers, and has I know you contact with the compiz development, I will ask you to do something that transform some compiz settings in something like this, that exists in the MacOS system:

    I really like this in MacOS, and for now, I have almost all this but not the thing that happens in the last 6 seconds: when he shows all the desktops, then with a left-top movement it shows all the windows. This function doesn’t exist and i would like to have it. For now I have this, and you can see it translated:
    See the videos I made! I really love this options in compiz, and I would like to have the functionality that I asked to complete my satisfaction! 😀

    Hope you answer me!

    Best Regards,
    Claudio Novais

    1. You mean using the scale plugin while the expo plugin is enabled?

      Maybe. Although I’d like to get proper input handling in the X Server side of things before than happens.

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