Serialization and Packages!

So it’s finally post-exams again. No more writing 100’s of pages of notes for me 🙂

In development news, I finally pushed out the serialization stuff I was talking about a while ago. Well, a bit of a change from what I was talking about a while ago. “rasterman” of an enlightenment fame gave me the idea to use full-on serialization, and since we already use the wonderful boost libraries,  this implementation uses the boost::serialization library to store the state of plugins after they are unloaded and restore them as they load. This means that if you momentarily unload and reload compiz, or unload a plugin, or load a plugin that has to be loaded before others, then you don’t have to go and re-toggle all of your effects, or redraw any fire that you had on the screen 😉

Currently, there is a bug with the serialization library and the linux functions which provide dynamic open/close for plugins. Because of this, it is disabled by default until I can work it out. You can test it out with enabling the “save plugin states on unload” option in core.


During these few weeks our packagers have been hard at work creating compiz 0.9 packages for you to test out on your distributions if compiling from git is too scary. Behold:

  • Fedora – Thanks drago01! (link coming soon)
  • OpenSUSE – Thanks DimStar!
  • Arch Linux – Thanks some-guy

Ubuntu packages are on the way, although I believe they are working something out with Debian (who also does not have packages yet)

Release for real soon!


15 thoughts on “Serialization and Packages!

  1. Aww I can’t test because my laptop screen or video card broke (seemingly randomly) and now it won’t boot past a TOSHIBA sign,

  2. You did say ‘all plugins ported release imminent’ imminant was a bit of an exageration. Christmas 2009 was ridiculous. I gather development should be very fast after this.

      1. I know and I understand. It must be hard being the only real active developer. Your doing a great job though. I am having some exams now.

  3. I am really excited about having compiz 0.9 on ubuntu. I’m waiting for this since long time !
    But will compiz have a Gnome-Shell-like feature for seeing also minimized windows in expo ? That will will be great and helpul to manage windows !

      1. No it doesn’t. There’s no way to show minimized windows with scale, and it shows only windows on a single desktop.
        Gnome-Shell shows the grid of your desktop (like expo) and scale on each desktop his respective windows.
        But an issue with compiz is that minimized windows can’t have thumbnails (whereas Gnome-Shell can, because he continues to act as if the windows wasn’t minimized).
        There are 2 ways in my opinion to make Gnome-Shell like possible in Compiz :
        – Allowing minimized windows in Scale (which could be replaced by their icons, even allow that minimized+maximized could be reprensented by icons only, but it won’t be Scale anymore)
        – Allowing Scaling for each windows in Expo (make Expo interact with Scale)

        I’m not compiz developer, i’m not a great developer yet, i can only suggest it…

        And because Gnome-Shell isn’t enough configurable and has not thousand configurable ways like Compiz and CCSM, I prefer Compiz rather than Gnome, and his silly gnome-panel 😉

  4. I just wished compiz had a plugin for a custom panel because default gnome-panel is not good enough for user experience. It used to be few years back but now people want something more intuitive and that is why they are moving more towards docks and applications like docky which make desktop look more lively, easy and fun to work with.
    This will be a handy addition to a great software. Something on my wish-list for compiz.. 🙂

    1. I don’t know if a panel should be a part of a window manager, but rather a desktop environment. A while ago he wrote that he started a project called springdesk, a new sexy desktop environment.

      If this project will become reality it will probably have a panel. Meanwhile, I think you should try AWN in panel mode. You can set it up to look like a normal panel, like this:

      1. Well I have used xp panel and windows 7 panel, and i think this is one of the few things linux is lacking behind from windows. I have used AWN, I have used cairo, i have used docky but then a normal working bar with nothhing too much fancy but atleast basic functionality that one could alter to his liking is what atleast gnome still misses.
        Any idea how far is the “SpringDesk” project?

      2. mahajanudit: It wasn’t possible to reply at a third level, so I have to leave my reply here.

        How long ago did you try AWN? Because since 0.4 they have made BIG improvements in functionality! If you expand the AWN-panel (in the settings) it will look like a normal panel. And by adding the GnoMenu applet you can really make it look like the Windows7 panel.

        I have no idea how far the SpringDesk project is, I’m not even sure if it ever will be finished. It was a long time ago he wrote about it

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