In the meantime….

I decided to go back to some of my own work, namely the simple-animations and freewins plugins. Simple-Animations was just ported today by yours truly, and now I am addicted to the iPhone-like-ness of some of the animations in there, namely “bounce”, which is probably the best animation ever for tooltips. I haven’t played with freewins in a long time and I look forward to porting it, it is a very simple plugin and should be easy to port. Today I also watched Martin Gräßlin‘s presentation on compositing window managers in mobile devices, operating on top of openGL ES. It looks like there might be an opportunity to work together with KWin to co-ordinate efforts to improve window management for mobile. Perhaps that would be cool to add to our roadmap.

Speaking of which, one should be coming in the next few days, as soon as Kristian Lyngstol gets his new computer. I have some rather big ideas on the horizon.


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