What’s happening in compizland?

Another blog post!

Since the release the core team has been doing a bit of planning for what we want to do in the upcoming 0.9.2 release. A roadmap of “big features” will be coming in the next week or so.

In the meantime I’ve been trying my hand at porting some of the other non-official plugins. Work is going pretty well so far, we now have the following plugins done:

  • Dodge Windows
  • Dim Dialog
  • Simple Animations
  • Screensaver (ongoing work here too, stay tuned)
  • Anaglyph (thanks soreau)
  • Toggle Decoration (thanks soreau)
  • Freewins
  • Desktopclick
  • Mousetrails

There are still a few more unofficial plugins to go until we have 100% feature parity with the 0.8 branch. Among some of the ones I’m working on right now:

  • Animations Plus
  • Newton (Physics Engine for Compiz)
  • Sound (ALSA based sounds on window events)

We’ve also had some bugfixes, particularly to the animation plugin where animations wouldn’t fire for some windows (thanks Jay!)

Otherwise, it looks like we’ll be implementing *small* user requested features in the time being and continuing to fix bugs. It’s all quite fun!


17 thoughts on “What’s happening in compizland?

  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you are doing. This project is the main reason I’m trying to teach myself to write C++ code. I wish I could help, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near that level yet. (I keep hoping my local college will offer a C++ class, but they haven’t done that for a while.)

      1. I’m from Argentine, I’m studying computer science in the university and this is my fourth year, so I have knowns about c++ and openGL. I’d like to help to this project, but I dont know how to start. Can you help me too? (sorry for my english..)

  2. Is there a way compiz could actually simulate the way apple touchpad works?
    I know synaptic or other manufacture provide this functionality, it’s just the driver which fails to take advantage of the underlying hardware capabilities.
    Why I ask is cz i have seen a friend of mine doing everything from his touchpad, switching windows and everything, and i just thought it would be great if compiz brought this to linux as well.

      1. Hmmmm.
        Well i have synaptics and if you help me I can do it…
        I think this could be an excellent new plugin for compiz.
        Offcourse the default size of our touchpad won’t help this feature but it would be a great start. I am a C++/ C# developer so programming won’t be a problem as such. Wat say?

    1. I have a synaptics touchpad. On ubuntu, it does use the multiple touch ability to some extent. It lets you do different clicks with multi touch: A two finger tap is right click, a three finger tap is middle click, and a two finger drag is scrolling. If you have a synaptics touchpad (and use ubuntu) the configuration for it is at System->Preferences->Mouse, and then the touchpad tab.
      What I would like to know is if you friend was doing Multiple pointers with his touchpad or if he was just doing gestures (like ubuntu has).
      I think I would be nice if the touchpad could work with Multiple Pointer X, letting you have multiple cursors. I don’t think that would be part of compiz though, it probably has more to do with the X server.

  3. Compiz is doomed, Gnome has decided their crappy Gnome-Shell is worthy successor to it. As unlikely as it may seem Linux desktop RIP without Compiz!

  4. ok, this is great work guys !

    almost everything works now (with gcc 4.5.1 & glibc 2.12.1) for me except the following annoyances:

    *) several times the screen’s content doesn’t get updated so I have to minimize and then maximize the window, resizing or changing the desktop (via wall or expo) doesn’t seem to help
    *) libimgsvg and libneg don’t work
    *) besides that all of the plugins I regularly use (including the magic lamp *yay* !) work

    I don’t know what version of boost you guys are using but it (libimgsvg and libneg) both doesn’t work with boost 1.42 or 1.44

    help please with the following error message:

    compiz ccp –sm-disable –replace
    Backend : ini
    Integration : true
    Profile : default
    Adding plugins
    Initializing core options…done
    Initializing composite options…done
    Initializing crashhandler options…done
    Initializing opengl options…done
    Initializing imgjpeg options…done
    Initializing decor options…done
    compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘/usr/lib64/compiz/libneg.so’ : /usr/lib64/compiz/libneg.so: undefined symbol: _ZNK5boost13serialization13typeid_system27extended_type_info_typeid_012is_less_thanERKNS0_18extended_type_infoE
    compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘neg’
    Initializing switcher options…done
    compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘/usr/lib64/compiz/libimgsvg.so’ : /usr/lib64/compiz/libimgsvg.so: undefined symbol: decor_apply_gravity
    compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘imgsvg’
    Initializing zoom options…done
    Initializing move options…done
    Initializing resize options…done
    Initializing wall options…done
    Initializing gnomecompat options…done
    Initializing wobbly options…done
    Initializing animation options…done
    Initializing resizeinfo options…done
    Initializing expo options…done
    Initializing scale options…done
    Setting Update “start_wm”
    Setting Update “wm_cmd”
    Setting Update “texture_compression”

    many thanks in advance

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