Dear Phoronix

OK, so we have another article about how LLVMpipe and the Copy Mode don’t play along.

A tidbit of information, even though it isn’t particularly made obvious: The enabling the “Copy To Texture” plugin doesn’t make all textures bound with this “copy mode” by default – it is only enabled if the pixmap is larger than the maximum texture size. The plugin isn’t there to fix broken drivers, it is only there to work around texture size limitations.

So in essence, what you are seeing is the same old TFP backend in action there Phoronix 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dear Phoronix

  1. Any idea when a stable version (1.0) of compiz++ be released.
    I have been following the feeds of bug fixes quite closely and recently there has been really low activity. Does that mean we are finally approaching to a stable compiz++ build?
    Any response will be appreciated. 🙂

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