Group Plugin Rewrite

I have now rewritten the group plugin for compiz 0.9 again.

The first time I ported the group plugin to compiz 0.9 it was never really any good considering that I rewrite about 60% of it in one go without understanding how it really worked.

This time I have rewritten it in such a way that bugs have been minimized and we now have a good clean API like originally planned. I am much happier with this group plugin as it is far more stable than the original port.

I also added a slight feature – you can now specify a list of windows to tab together automatically, so you can match all your all your firefox windows and have them tabbed together for example.

Since this was the last big thing that I wanted to do before a 0.9.2, I guess this means a 0.9.2 is coming very soon.


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