Compiz 0.9.2 Released!

Compiz 0.9.2 Released!

I have just pushed* the tarballs for the 0.9.2 release of compiz. This release represents an evolution upon the development series, with plenty of bugs fixed (including a few major ones in the least release), and a few new features, including:

  • New MultiAnim class which allows for mutliple copies of windows in animations
  • Minimized live window previews (experimental)
  • Re-written group plugin
  • Natural scale mode
  • Simplified shadow storage in the decorators

Coming up in 0.9.4:

  • Support for Mutli-Touch and Multi-Input (via MPX and UTouch)
  • Animations framework, allowing for plugins to simply create animations and use existing ones provided by other plugins
  • Compiling plugins into core for massive speedups

Stay tuned for more info

edit: there are a few last minute bugs which made it into this release – a is coming soon.

37 thoughts on “Compiz 0.9.2 Released!

  1. 1st response @3:15
    2nd response @3:56
    Truncating to the nearest 0:30 less than or equal to the current time would mean at most 0:19 to go at the last message.
    So, I’m guessing this is at least really close to being released…

    1. My ppa is empty, and I have a bit of time on my hands, tell me what I need to do, and I might.just(might); give it a chance.

  2. a bit disappointed, but I couldn’t get it to compile =(… looked promising, but cmake isn’t my thing and it’s late here lol.

    Any chance of a guide on compiling the tar balls? I’m about ready to try this =D

  3. I managed to install it all to /opt/compiz++ but ccsm can’t find the python modules (something to do with arch’s python decision of making python point to python3 and python2 point to python2…)

    1. I got it to compile on Arch, I just had to run python2 for the setup scripts for the python parts and move the ccm module to /usr/lib/python2.7/ something…

  4. still shows the following bug:

    when you switch application (tab / any app switcher), use the expo plugin, wall plugin, etc.

    the content of the app/window isn’t refreshed anymore <–

    the only solution so far was to manually minimize (alt + f9) and then re-select it after that it is usable again

    please take a look at the following post for more information:

    1. *seems partially fixed* – at least with “Application Switcher”

      thanks 🙂


      it’s still happening after I enabled “Expo” (and “Desktop Wall”) and activated Expo

      <– please fix those also

      for these cases manually minimizing the windows via alt+f9 is also the temporary "fix"

      You rock ! 🙂

      1. just found out more about this problem:

        it also gets triggered when enabling “Mipmap” at the (now working) Application Switcher – after that the windows don’t get re-freshed anymore

        another trigger:

        when enabling “Keep previews of minimized windows” under “Workarounds” the windows’ content isn’t even refreshed/reset after minimizing them (!)

        please fix those also

        thanks ! 🙂

      2. this issue also occurs when using the “static application switcher” and enabling “mipmap”

        without using mipmap the content of the windows is refreshed

        (the easiest way to tell is to try to scroll through a window with a scroll bar or a terminal-window with scrolling content which isn’t updated)

        is this limited to users of AMD/ATI’s catalyst or are others also experiencing this problem ?

  5. Tried it, thank you very much for your efforts.
    Anyway, kde4-window-decorator needs more work.
    Tried it on a bunch of windeco, and it seems that aurorae and qtcurve wont work properly (missing shadows, and/or unable to drag the window by the titlebar).
    I’ve not find a way to make the shadows plugin works on windows unshadowed and the info reported here:
    …seems outdated to be, am i wrong?

    kwin compositing manager really sucks compared to compiz, please 😉

  6. A PPA please.

    BTW the packages on the Compiz packagers PPA depend on a lot of KDE stuff is that really necessary???


    1. Luis, the same thing with KDE unnecesary dependencies is happening to me, when I use the compiz/ppa repository. I won’t install all that things useless since I use Gnome.. and haven’t got room in my ssd (EEE PC 701 4G). It wants to instal some one hundred and fifty megas of packages, most of them from KDE, when I’m only upgrading compiz with aptitude.

      It would be great a clean PPA with Compiz 0.9.2, and without KDE stuff…

      By the way, I use compiz with GTK+ for the window decoration, not emerald. Is it working that combo on 0.9.x?


  7. please also consider improving the handling of the Application Switcher:

    e.g. when there are 20 windows open and 2 of them are terminal windows – initially both were a long way away from each other

    after selecting the 1st terminal-window and then switching to the other (via alt + tab) both windows should be side by side (like I remember from compiz(-fusion) 0.8.x)

    but they’re NOT with compiz 0.9.x – so this is a real productivity killer: it always takes ages to switch between 2 windows 😦

  8. Hello, is there a problem with Emerald and compiz 0.9+? I have it working on 8.6, but if I upgrade to either 0.9 or 0.9.2 (on Ubuntu) I cannot get emerald window borders to work for the life of me…

      1. hy do you think this can be suitable for every day usage? or is better to stay in 0.8.6 i’m not a noob just a nerd beta lover 😛

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